Evariant Updates Contact Center Platform, Mobile App

Evariant is also improving and expanding the functionality of its existing products, including Patient Market Solver.

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Evariant released two major enhancements to its healthcare CRM platform.

The first, Contact Center connects outbound marketing communications, discharge calls, and reminded care calls with inbound responses.

The second, PRM Go! is a mobile physician relationship management (PRM) app available for tablets, iPads and iOS- and Android-based smartphones.

"Mobile technology will continue to change the industry with limitless possibilities for enabling and integrating mobile health to improve the delivery of care," Evariant chief technology officer Nick Bequary told eWEEK. "People everywhere can send relevant information about their specific condition directly to their doctor in real time. This information informs the doctor and enables them to provide the right care at the right time. Additionally, as information continues to be collected, a robust profile is built that reflects the health patterns of the patient. We’ll see increased patient and provider engagement through the use of mobile apps."

With PRM Go!, physician liaisons can view key information about providers and practices in the field prior to a visit, and log activities such as calls, visits, issues, tasks and notes while on the go.

The platform is designed to improve accuracy and speed of data input, provide greater details of calls, visits, and issues logged, and drive greater productivity of physician liaisons.

"As we continue to evolve the use of technologies and extend use cases for health apps, platforms, and analytics, the security and privacy baseline is always in place," Bequary said. "Privacy and security concerns are always present and when building apps and working with information, we all need to be disciplined and diligent in ensuring compliance and eliminating risk. The more apps, data, and technologies, the more sophisticated and savvy the design of our platform architecture needs to be to support security and privacy needs and regulations."

Evariant said it is also improving and expanding the functionality of its current products, including Patient Market Solver, which features an analytics model, dynamic list builder enhancements, expanded data set, streamlined user experience, executive dashboards, and improved campaign reporting with attribution for ROI.

The company also updated Physician Market Solver with stronger algorithms for referrals, additional data sources, visualization enhancements, improved internal process controls and QA checkpoints, as well as infrastructure upgrades, an embedded communications engine for administrative consultation, and new list loading utility techniques for patient and consumer data.

When it comes to major evolutions occurring in the health IT space in the near future, Bequary said he sees more mobility, more information and more analytics.

"The sum of these parts is a more informed and engaged patient and provider relationship," he said. "In the end, this deeper relationship has the ability to impact the overall health of society – which is a powerful and meaningful outcome from the use of technology."