Evergage Data Hub Synchronizes Customer Information Across Systems

The platform is designed to simplify the integration process and give marketers a centralized repository of customer data to use for personalization.

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Real-time personalization platform company Evergage announced the availability of Evergage Data Hub, designed to help marketers make sense of and act on customer data from disparate sources including marketing automation solutions, CRM systems, email platforms, ad networks, data warehouses and point-of-sale systems.

The platform is designed to simplify the integration process and give marketers a centralized repository of customer data to use for real-time personalization and ongoing analysis, according to the company.

Evergage Data Hub allows data to be exchanged with third-party systems through custom configurations or through one of 25 included integrations with CRM applications, email/marketing automation platforms, ad networks and other applications.

A marketer can complete the integration by logging into Evergage and the third-party system, and working through a few setup steps.

Once Evergage is integrated with a marketing automation platform such as Eloqua, for example, the marketer can choose to pass field or segment data between the systems, which can be used to target individuals across channels through personalized experiences.

The platform provides marketers with insights into not only each visitor's digital activity but also that person's interests and intent, enabling marketers to use those insights to deliver personalized experiences.

"When digital analytics were first introduced years ago, they focused on providing aggregate website traffic, like total visitors, average time on site, or geography," T.J. Prebil, Evergage's product marketing manager, told eWEEK. "Today, it's fairly common for analytics tools to also track individual visitor activity data—for example, what pages were viewed, what links were clicked on, what products were added to a shopping cart and so on."

Evergage evaluates not only aggregate traffic data and individual clickstream data, but also individual behavior to determine a visitor's true intent.

In monitoring active time on page and overall engagement, shown through scrolling, hovering, viewing product details or other metrics, the platform is able to discern what each visitor is truly interested in.

"The depth of analytics data available in the Evergage Data Hub offers an entirely new perspective on each visitor, which can be used in real time to cater to every person based on his or her unique preferences and interests—creating a better customer experience and helping companies drive greater engagement, loyalty and conversions," Prebil said.

Real-time, he noted, is about being nimble, using everything you know about a first-time visitor or everything you know about a repeat visitor, and being flexible to adjust to in-the-moment behavioral cues across channels.

"For example, if a shopper with a history of purchasing women's shoes suddenly starts looking at men's watches, your site should recognize that the shopper might be purchasing a gift—and then needs to adjust accordingly to provide personalized guidance and recommendations that are useful for the shopper's current visit and needs," Prebil said. "As a true real-time personalization platform, Evergage allows marketers to respond to visitor insights in the moment to deliver the most relevant experience possible."