Facebook Integration Added to Personyze

The integration can allow businesses to take advantage of the information contained in visitors' Facebook profiles.

Website personalization, segmentation and analytics platform developer Personyze announced the official launch of its software-as-a-service solution that provides Website owners and marketers a suite of tools that provide advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities that are designed to enhance the visitor experience, improve advertising ROI and increase average order size.

Personyze can give Web marketers the ability to personalize the whole site rather than just the ads and banners or landing pages by delivering content in real-time based on each visitor's past site activity, online search history, Facebook preferences, location and other information. Personyze has also added integration with Facebook, allowing businesses to take advantage of the information contained in visitors' Facebook profiles.

Only after the visitor gives permission, Personyze's Facebook integration helps to leverage the power of the social network and viral marketing by allowing users to publish messages on visitors' walls, giving businesses the ability to share special offers and promotions with site visitors and their friends.

"It is a well-known fact that when searching for a product or solution, the average visitor spends no more than 5 seconds browsing each one of the search results and deciding if the site isrelevant to them or not," said Yakov Shabat, CEO and founder of Personyze. "By deploying a platform such as Personyze, which shows visitors only the most relevant content and offers, rather than generic one, businesses can make visitors believe in a just a few seconds that they've come to the right place."

Shabat explained that if a visitor arrives at a Website after searching "discount toys," with Personyze the business can redirect the visitor to the "Toys on Sale" page and sort the product display by lowest to highest price, display a banner that offers customers a 10 percent discount if they buy that day and send a follow-up email advertising a special promotion on toys for a set number of days, if they did not buy something on their first visit.

"Real-time personalization is becoming a must-have solution/tactics for any business wanting to offer a more relevant and personalized online experience to their visitors," said Shabat. "Using the power of real-time personalization, businesses can quickly and easily improve visitor satisfaction levels, increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site, increase the number of repeat visitors and increase the effectiveness of online advertising."