FiscalNote Debuts Mobile App for Legislators, Regulators

The app offers government affairs professionals the ability to track, analyze and proactively act on legislation across all 50 states.

fiscalnote and mobile apps

FiscalNote, a provider of a real-time legislative and regulatory tracking, analytics and workflow platform, announced the release of its mobile application, FiscalNote Mobile.

The app offers government affairs professionals the ability to track, analyze and proactively act on legislation across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Congress directly from their mobile device.

The platform aggregates legislative and regulatory data from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Congress, providing its customers with alerts on market-moving issues and enabling them to analyze relevant laws and proactively manage political risk.

"We realized that our clients working in state government affairs are always on the road, especially when legislatures are in session," Tim Hwang, CEO and co-founder of FiscalNote, told eWEEK. "We have a Web application that's actually very useful for state government affairs, but realized that most of our clients were unable to fully benefit from it because of their travel schedule. As a result, we decided to develop the missing piece that would allow our clients to use FiscalNote anytime, anywhere."

The company was founded in 2013 from the recognition that legacy and legal data services continued to use outdated technologies to serve their customer needs.

By applying artificial intelligence to real-time and historic legislative data, FiscalNote built its first product, Prophecy, with robust search and advanced notification functionality, along with legislator analytics, collaboration and workflow and the ability to forecast legislative outcomes.

"The prevalence of mobile apps in the regulatory compliance software market will allow software to extend beyond basic tracking and monitoring of regulations at a high level to very specific use cases for individuals downstream," Hwang said. "For example, a shale field service foreman could use a mobile app to ensure his processes were compliant with changing EPA regulations."

He explained that in regulatory advocacy, state and local regulatory policy alerts and analysis will empower regulatory affairs professionals with the on-demand information that is currently difficult to access while traveling.

"When designing this app, we didn't compromise security for usability and vice versa. In fact, I would say we optimized for both facets separately," Hwang said. "Our mobile app leverages the same back-end services as the Web application and as such adheres to the same security best practices, including 2,048-bit SSL [Secure Sockets Layer] encryption of every interaction between the client and FiscalNote and daily penetration testing to stay in front of any potential vulnerabilities."

In addition, the mobile application meets all of Apple's security guidelines, he said.

"With regard to usability, we took this opportunity to improve upon our overall design," he said. "Additionally, we took advantage of mobile-specific micro-interactions to make the experience even more intuitive."