Fishbowl Releases SalesPoint POS Software for QuickBooks

Fishbowl created SalesPoint with features, including touch-screen capability, designed to help retailers close sales.

Inventory-management solutions specialist Fishbowl announced the release of SalesPoint, a POS (point-of-sale) software add-on to Fishbowl Inventory, the top-selling add-on for QuickBooks. The release of SalesPoint is part of a Fishbowl's plan to provide full business automation for small and midsize businesses. Fishbowl customers can purchase SalesPoint as an add-on to Fishbowl Inventory by contacting their account managers for more details.

Fishbowl created SalesPoint with features, such as touch-screen capability, designed to help retailers close sales as quickly as possible. The SalesPoint interface is designed for use with touch-screen monitors, and all the buttons are designed for finger-friendly operation. The software is also bar-code-scan ready: Products are sold by scanning bar codes to add items to an order. This feature was added to improve the accuracy of the POS and inventory-management system, the company said in a statement.

"This integrated approach is going to allow SMBs to use Fishbowl to automate all of their business operational needs," said David Williams, Fishbowl CEO. "The bundle gives SMBs powerful retail capabilities only larger companies have traditionally enjoyed."

In addition, the SalesPoint software design allows users to input order information without asking much of the customer. SalesPoint allows the retailer to assist the customer rapidly and move on to the next person in line. SalesPoint also integrates with Fishbowl Inventory to track a product from the time it enters a warehouse to the time it leaves in a customer's hands. The integration eliminates time loss and errors due to double entry and typing product information, Williams explained.

"Fishbowl is working to provide all of the elements SMBs need to fully automate their business operations," said Williams. "In addition to SalesPoint, we will also add a customer relationship management application to the mix later in the year. With QuickBooks, Fishbowl Inventory, SalesPoint and the CRM integration, Fishbowl users will have the essential software they need to completely automate their businesses-a first of its kind for SMBs."

Earlier this month, the company announced a partnership with eFileCabinet, a provider of electronic document management software. Both companies will offer each other's products immediately and are working toward an integration to be launched at the Intuit Summit 2011 conference in October. Williams said the partnership with eFileCabinet would cut down the time spent entering data and the mistakes that often result from multiple entries.

"As Fishbowl continues to grow, we are developing new ways to make inventory management convenient for our customers," said Williams. "Through this agreement with eFileCabinet, Fishbowl users will be able to reduce unnecessary labor and costs that come from complicated manual and paper-based processes."