Five Fetching LCD Monitors (19 to 24 Inches)

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Five Fetching LCD Monitors (19 to 24 Inches)

by Nathan Eddy

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Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP ($525)

If connectivity options rank high on your list, the 24-inch UltraSharp is the LCD for you. Check this out: one upstream and two downstream USB 2.0 ports and a 12-volt audio jack, plus composite, component and S-video ports for connecting a DVD player. On the left side of the display you'll find two more USB 2.0 ports, and a 9-in-2 media card reader. Got all that? A brilliant display and a rotating screen only add value to what is probably the best LCD monitor on the market.

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Samsung SyncMaster T220 ($270-$325)

This 22-inch beauty comes with a glare-reducing matte finish on the screen, a classy "Touch of Color" bezel design and user-friendly on-screen menus. However, because of a wobbly base and limited screen manipulation options (about 30 degrees of backward tilt), as well as a limited feature set (no HDMI or USB port and no Webcam), this monitor-although it may add some flashy finish to your office-comes up short if you need a workhorse LCD.

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Lenovo ThinkVision L1940p ($230-$250)

A bright, crisp display, slim casing and ergonomic design make this 19-inch flat screen a solid competitor, though it costs slightly more than other monitors of the same size. Although it's missing the three USB ports found on its larger brother, the L2240p, this monitor does include DVI and VGA ports, as well as 90-degree screen pivoting and a 50-degree swivel from left to right.

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NEC AccuSync LCD203WXM ($212-$275)

The 20-inch model from NEC offers great value due to its high-resolution screen (1,680 by 1,050), clarity you don't often see on displays at this price point. Other great features include a wide viewing angle (170 degrees), useful whenever the screen is being viewed by more than one person at the same time, and front-firing, integrated speakers, which help reduce clutter on crowded desks. This wide-screen monitor comes with DVI-D and VGA inputs and is wall-mountable.

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Acer p191w ($150-$180)

Widely offered at under $200, this 19-inch display is a great value buy for SMB owners who require solid performance in tight quarters. Although it lacks such features as HDCP-compliance and speakers, Acer provides a three-year parts and labor warranty. For the no-frills flat screen that it is, excellent workmanship and a sleek design make this a solid selection-just make sure you find it for the right price.