Fonality Unified Communications App Debuts for iPhone, Android Mobiles

Fonality HUD Mobile provides cloud-based VOIP, unified communications and contact center solutions.

Cloud-based voice over IP (VOIP) and unified communications (UC) solutions provider Fonality announced the general availability of its Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile application for the Apple iPhone and Google Android-based smartphones. Fonality HUD Mobile provides cloud-based VOIP, UC and contact center solutions via Apple or Android platforms with a single interface to small to medium-size businesses.

One of the platform's features allows contact center managers working remotely to access a 360-degree view of all activities with color-coded agent status, call type details and duration. Calls can be recorded on the fly or engaged through barge, monitor or whisper modes. In addition, staff can log in and out of queues, regardless of location. Other prominent features include voice over WiFi calling, which Fonality said could result in an average 56 percent saving on monthly mobile costs, as well as users' real-time presence, company directory access and collaboration capabilities.

"The rapid adoption of Fonality HUD Mobile speaks to the application's ability to make an immediate impact on productivity and efficiency for SMBs," said Fonality's Chief Technology Officer Rick Bushell. "By extending unified communications and collaboration to smartphone devices, Fonality has enabled growing businesses to work smarter and more effectively."

One of the first customers to adopt Fonality HUD Mobile-Larson Financial & Insurance, a provider of a top-three national insurance company-has used the application to provide greater flexibility to its employees in the field, allowing teams to better communicate with support staff across the company's five branches.

"As an insurance and financial services provider, superior customer service is a high priority and important part of our agency's value proposition," said Steve Losee, an agency manager with Larson Financial/Allstate. "With Fonality HUD Mobile we have been able to streamline our communications and seamlessly share information among our staff-regardless of location-instantly. This has translated to an improved customer experience as we can quickly meet their needs without delay."

According to an upcoming SMB study on mobility trends by Webtorials, 49.2 percent of SMB employees are mobile at some point during their day, spending approximately 4 hours working while away from the office. As concluded in a January 2011 Webtorials study, SMB employees waste nearly two days per month attempting to contact customers, partners and colleagues or trying to find related information.

"SMBs cannot afford to be out of touch with customers and colleagues for extended periods," Bushell said. "For fast growing companies, it's imperative to make important decisions at a moment's notice. Fonality HUD Mobile empowers businesses to work smarter and faster by sharing the right information with the right person at the right time. Users can not only be more responsive, but more effective in their response, which can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and profitability."