Fortinet Releases Internal Network Firewall

The platform employs a layered approach to security that sits closer to assets within the network, segmenting and preventing breaches from spreading.


Cyber security solutions specialist Fortinet announced a line of internal firewall products designed to help businesses improve internal network security and better protect data.

The new Internal Network Firewall uses application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) architecture to provide multi-gigabit throughput and can be deployed with immediate network traffic visibility.

The new internal network firewall blocks malicious traffic and enforces a range of security policies without making changes to the existing network. It employs a layered approach to security, segmenting and preventing breaches from spreading, while providing visibility into all traffic types, users and devices.

"The threat landscape has evolved. Multiple layers of defense are now needed as highly- sophisticated attacks find ways past perimeter and border defenses and attacks can also be initiated inside the network border," Tamir Hardof, Fortinet’s vice president of product marketing, told eWEEK. "An internal firewall provides a new critical layer of security with real-time protection against advanced threats and the spread of malware with network segmentation that is easily deployed without the need to re-architect the network."

Supporting wire-speed, east-west traffic, the new internal network firewall will be available on select FortiGate Firewall appliances, featuring multi-Gigabit performance and port densities. It will also be available as a

a pre-configured option on select FortiGate appliances, including the FortiGate-3200D, within the first quarter of 2015.

"Threats are more sophisticated and targeted in nature," Hardof explained. "These leverage advanced malware with evasive techniques, often delivered through spear-phishing attacks – targeting specific individuals because of who they are and the value of their security credentials. If compromised, [it] would allow access to sensitive and high-value data."

The company also announced additional new FortiGate firewall appliances, the FortiGate-1200D and FortiGate-1000D models, which can be ordered from authorized Fortinet channel partners.