Fortinet Unveils Secure Access Architecture

The architecture provides a platform of integrated cyber-security solutions that span from the client to the cloud and everything in between.

fortinet and it management

Fortinet announced details of its Secure Access Architecture, a framework that expands the security vendor’s Internal Segmentation cyber-security strategy and helps organizations segment devices and the access layers across wired and wireless networks.

The architecture provides a platform of integrated cyber-security solutions that span from the client to the cloud and across everything in between.

The Secure Access Architecture demarcates the access layers from mission-critical infrastructure and high-value data using cutting-edge cyber security technologies.

"Our strategy was designed to fortify the access layer, which has traditionally lacked visibility and control. We see an opportunity to directly integrate advanced security into key infrastructure components and layers, instead of just bolting on point security appliances and solutions to the infrastructure," John Maddison, vice president of products and solutions at Fortinet, told eWEEK. "This strategy provides many advantages over traditional architectures, like enabling superior defenses, simpler implementations and unified management and administration."

As an example, Fortinet can inject security intelligence directly into the wireless access points themselves.

"This goes farther than traditional solutions on the market, enabling the wireless access points to scan for viruses, intrusions and monitor or block applications independently of other hardware, this is very unique approach in the market," he explained. "The architecture also provides a seamless user experience between LAN and WLAN access while enforcing the same security policies."

Internal segmentation capabilities leverage a new generation of innovative firewalls and software solutions to deliver a platform designed to keep up with the multi-gigabit speeds of internal networks.

The Secure Access Architecture also encompasses a breadth of solutions within Fortinet’s end-to-end cyber-security platform, including endpoint management, wireless access points, switches, wireless LAN management, application control, advanced unified management and others.

These solutions are all backed by FortiGuard Labs’ threat intelligence research and advanced cyber security services.

Fortinet has been focusing on strategic investments in the secure access market, most recently demonstrated by the launch of its FortiAP-S series of wireless LAN access points (AP).

Marketed as one of the most secure cloud-managed enterprise WiFi solutions on the market, it also features FortiGuard, running directly on the AP.

"Ransomware such as crypto locker is causing huge problems for businesses. It’s very disruptive when computers get locked down because they have been encrypted and even worse when they encrypt entire servers critical to business operations," Maddison said. "We’ve seen this happening to organizations with more frequency. Imagine the consequences of a piece of malware encrypting industrial system controllers."

He explained it could completely halt their production lines, disrupt their shipping and supply logistics and much more and as a result, many companies pay the ransom immediately, then try to patch their systems and hope that it doesn’t happen again.