Getac RX10H Rugged Tablet Aimed at Health Care Organizations

With options like a detachable keyboard, the RX10H rugged tablet becomes a 2-in-1 device that transforms from a tablet to a laptop.

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Getac announced the release of the RX10H, a rugged tablet designed for use in a variety of health care environments.

The device provides a sanitized way for doctors, nurses and home health providers to monitor patients and access their electronic medical history, view test results and capture current medical data.

The RX10H was designed with caregivers in mind, enabling the sharing of medical information between providers and patients regardless of location.

With options like a detachable keyboard, the RX10H becomes a 2-in-1 device that transforms from a tablet to a laptop.

"The first thing we needed to consider was who and how the device will be used; by nurses, doctors and/or administrative staff," Scott Shainman, president of Getac North American Operations, told eWEEK. "Once we determine the targeted user, we hone in on what they need in order to perform their job. This takes a long time and requires many design iterations. I would have to say the technical challenge is always how to incorporate all the needed and requested features into a thin and light, yet fully rugged chassis--this is no small feat and one we believe the RX10H nailed."

In healthcare, the key issue is ensuring the device meets the required certifications and durability requirements like withstanding frequent sanitizing, Shainman said.

The rugged keyboard is IP54-rated, providing protection against dust and liquid spills, and has the durability to withstand frequent sanitization.

"Health care, much like our military customers, require device data to be secure and we’ve taken a multi-modal approach to this. It begins with secure login," Shainman explained. "For example, the RX10H offers multiple options for two factor authentication, including RFID, advanced fingerprint capture and smartcard or common access card. The other side to this is securing the data on HDD which we look to our partners to provide--from encrypted SSDs to advanced military grade file-level software encryption and protection."

The RX10H is also certified to medical regulations EN/IEC 60601-1 and incorporates an antimicrobial surface to resist the growth of harmful organisms, and has been tested to withstand the frequent chemical sanitization that occurs in the health care environment.

"In my opinion the health care industry will continue to become more and more reliant on mobile technology to not only keep up with the information demand but also due to the increasing move outside of the walls of the hospital in health care," Shainman said. "There has been a big uptick in mobile medics and at-home healthcare and this has forced the industry to not only look at mobile devices but to move away from consumer grade to a product that is durable to withstand extensive mobility and changing environments."