GFI Software Launches Backup Solution

Aimed at cost-conscious businesses, GFI Software's Backup 2010 Business Edition is a network data backup solution offering 256-bit AES encryption, support for HTTPS access and a number of other features.

GFI Software, an infrastructure provider for small to medium-sized businesses released GFI Backup 2010 Business Edition.

The company said the backup solution is ideally suited for IT administrators who want to create a single backup/restore task and apply it across the entire network, saving time in configuring multiple tasks as well as maintaining them when a change in policy occurs. The network data backup solution applies comprehensive backup, restore and synchronization functionality to all files, Web, Microsoft SQL servers and more using an intuitive wizard-driven, point-and-click configuration.

GFI Backup allows administrators to centralize all backup and restore operations - including status monitoring - via one Web-based administration console interface. The solution uses standard Zip64 file format when instructed to compress and archive, allowing for data to be easily restored should the software not be installed on the machine or device required for recovery. The company is also offering a free trial of the solution through its Website.

"The GFI Backup-Business Edition has been designed from the ground up with the busy administrator in mind, allowing them to create, assign, manage, analyze and run backup/restore tasks even remotely. This new solution addresses many of the concerns that IT administrators voice when looking at backup solutions such as vendor lock-in, complex licensing and the inability to create a single backup or restore task that can be applied network-wide," said Walter Scott, GFI's CEO. "GFI Backup is extremely cost-effective, making the entire backup/restore operation a much more affordable task. We are redefining the market - do you really need to spend $2,000 per server? I think not and that is why GFI Backup - Business Edition retails at only $288 for one server and five workstations."

Other features in GFI Backup Business Edition include support for most common hardware storage devices including internal or external hard disks, LANs, tape drives, NAS as well as remote locations using FTP with upload auto-resume, 256-bit AES strong encryption to ensure the protection of data, e-mail and event log notifications on task success/failure/warnings, support for HTTPS access out-of-the-box, workgroup or active directory environments and the ability to backup and synchronize files across different work machines such as laptops, workstations and servers.
Scott said every IT administrator knows how important data backups are, yet there is still reluctance to create network backups. "This is largely due to a misconception that exists among SMBs that backups are complex, time-consuming and expensive, which has been further fueled by the way backup solutions have traditionally worked," he said. "This is not so with our solution. With GFI Backup, we have focused heavily on the restore functionality, as our research shows that people back data up every day but often only restore once. Therefore we created a restore process that was not only reliable and efficient, but fast and devoid of any complexity or dependence on the backup product."