Gigwalk, IRI Partner on Data Analytics

The IRI Liquid Data platform is a data management tool that offers real-time predictive analytics and insights on a mobile technology platform.

gigwalk and big data

Gigwalk and Information Resources Inc. (IRI) announced a joint integration that combines IRI’s Liquid Data technology platform with insights from Gigwalk’s Mobile Crowdsourcing platform.

The combined solution allows businesses to form rich data sets they can use to support their retail strategy and in-store execution efforts.

The IRI Liquid Data platform is a data management tool that offers real-time predictive analytics and insights on a mobile technology platform.

"This partnership is a great fit because it combines Gigwalk’s Mobile Crowdsourcing solution with the IRI Liquid Data technology platform, delivering joint customers a more comprehensive view into what is happening in-store," David Hale, CEO of Gigwalk, told eWEEK. "IRI gains access to more immediate and actionable data around retail execution via our on-demand workforce, and Gigwalk is now able to offer a more comprehensive data set to our customers with IRI as our preferred syndicated data analytics partner."

Hale explained this real-time data will help customers understand immediately where gaps in retail execution exist, so they can correct course, speed up time to issue resolution and drive sales.

Gigwalk’s Mobile Crowdsourcing service helps companies collect data across dispersed locations in real-time--a network of 750,000 mobile-enabled independent contractors (Gigwalkers).

The company also offers Gigwalk Enterprise, a private distributed workforce management solution.

"Companies across a wide variety of industries have benefited from the immediate, on-the-ground intelligence Gigwalk offers," Hale said. "While the alliance with IRI centers around retail intelligence for consumer packaged goods brands, Gigwalk’s data collection capabilities have spread beyond retail to a diverse set of industries including financial services, hospitality, insurance, and more. Gigwalkers can be beneficial to any industry that is in need of immediate, actionable data."

With this alliance, IRI is now Gigwalk’s preferred syndicated data analytics partner, and Gigwalk is IRI’s preferred partner for the collection of retail execution data, providing joint customers access to enhanced audit services, analytics integration and marketing intelligence.

"Today’s connected customers expect to be able to buy what they want, when they want it, no matter where they are. Retail analytics will continue to evolve to ensure both customer experience and product sales are maximized, regardless of whether a person is shopping online, in a store or on their smartphone," Hale said. "With the speed in which data can now be collected, consumer brands will need to evolve how they plan new product launches, seasonal promotions, trade marketing programs and more."

He explained that with the influx of data sources--crowdsourced data, point-of-sale data, beacon data--suddenly there is a whole new way to understand and maximize how one shops.

"There are a lot of exciting advancements occurring in retail analytics and to thrive in the future brands will need new tools to aid in the development of a holistic strategy to serve today’s consumer, which is what we hope our alliance with IRI starts to address," he said.