Glassdoor Unveils Mobile-Optimized Site Redesign

An employer’s branding is now integrated throughout the employer’s profile within the company reviews, salaries, interviews, jobs pages and more.

glassdoor and mobility

As mobile continues to play a larger role in the job search process, jobs and recruiting community site Glassdoor revealed an updated site design, designed to offer a cleaner and more consistent experience across any device.

The redesign brings a richer experience to the homepage and throughout the site, with a new homepage that places a greater emphasis on workplace photos and employer branding, and showcases Glassdoor programs such as the Employees’ Choice Awards, honoring the Best Places to Work, and OpenCompany, recognizing employers committed to workplace transparency.

For example, employers can now choose to feature an office photo and select company review directly on the Glassdoor homepage.

In addition, there have been several new features introduced for employers, including a new design on Enhanced Profiles focuses on employer branding by highlighting a company’s job listings, benefits reviews, social media channels, videos and more.

"Nearly half of our traffic comes from members on their mobile devices and we fully expect this number to only continue to rise," Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor career trends analyst, told eWEEK. "This was reason enough to make the job search process easier and more enjoyable to help our 26 million members, and growing globally, get the information they need on any device no matter where they are in the world."

An employer’s branding is now integrated throughout the employer’s profile, not only on the company’s overview page, but also within the company reviews, salaries, interviews, jobs pages and more.

"With more job seekers using mobile devices during the job search process, some challenges are to be expected as the industry adjusts to new behaviors," Dobroski said. "One of the biggest pain points for job seekers is applying to jobs via a mobile device."

He pointed out that 1 in 2 job seekers believe it is difficult to apply to jobs from a mobile device, and one in four are deterred from applying to a job if the company’s career site or job listings are not mobile-optimized.

"Employers will continue to miss out on top talent if they haven’t yet invested in a mobile-optimized careers site or the ability for prospective candidates to be able to apply to jobs via mobile devices," Dobroski said.

With Glassdoor’s photo-centric homepage redesign, employers now have a greater branding opportunity through the Homepage Highlight photo. This employer-selected workplace photo and corresponding company review allows a company to showcase its employer brand and company culture to prospective talent.

Finally, in their Employer Center, employers can now see highlights from their company reviews and more easily respond to reviews from employees.

Employers can also filter reviews by those that would or would not recommend the company to a friend, those who approve and disapprove of the CEO, employee sentiment around business outlook and current employee reviews.In addition, employers can track reviews that they’ve responded to, and those they haven’t.

"For our site redesign, our goal was to give job seekers a clearer picture of what’s happening inside a company. We’ve executed this in a number of ways," Dobroski explained. "For example, our ratings trends, which shows Glassdoor users how each company’s overall rating, CEO approval rating, and more have changed over time. Our new salaries pages make it even easier to visually compare base salary to total compensation package."