Global Capacity Debuts Network Builder Application for WANs

Service attributes modeled in the initial release include network cost, service technologies, contract terms and preferred interconnection points.

global capacity and WAN

Global Capacity announced the general availability of Network Builder, an application for designing wide-area networks that enables customers to do real-time ‘what if’ scenario modeling for optimal network design. The new app is part of the company’s One Marketplace connectivity platform.

Network Builder is ideally suited for enterprises with multiple locations or for cloud, application, data center service providers working with enterprises to build out optimized network architectures," Mary Stanhope, vice president of marketing for Global Capacity, told eWEEK. "The ‘what- if’ tool bar delivers simple filtering or options across thousands of location to meet key service criteria, delivering the greatest impact to optimization and simplicity."

Stanhope said the platform could be leveraged for smaller, three- or four- site network designs delivering the same optimization based on certain criteria.

Service attributes modeled in the initial release include network cost, service technologies, latency, contract term and preferred interconnection points.

"We feel that simplifying how businesses design, price and buy network architecture is critical to the customer experience. It should be easier to build your network than to run your business," Stanhope explained. " . Network Builder allows anyone to build enterprise WANs and visually automate processes by using an intuitive front-end framework for streamlined Web development.

Leveraging a new user interface (UI), the application delivers an updated user experience and the ‘what- if’ toolbar, which allows users to filter results and take actions.

One Marketplace’s direct Ethernet connections can be used to access business applications, cloud platforms, networks, VoIP service providers, data centers, remote offices and the Internet.

The platform provides guaranteed bandwidth and offers connections from 1Mb up to 100Gb with the ability to execute quickly from a wide variety of commercial locations.

"WANs provide a level of predictability for system performance and availability while consolidating business tools from storage to bandwidth to devices," Stanhope said.