GlobalScape Offers Free Managed File Transfer Software

The company launches a promotion to broaden market reach of its solution suite, offering its Enhanced File Transfer Server (EFT Server) product for free through the end of 2010.

Secure information exchange solutions provider GlobalScape announced the company would offer the base version of its Enhanced File Transfer Server (EFT Server) product for free through the end of 2010. EFT Server enables organizations to securely implement managed file transfer (MFT) capabilities among worldwide offices, clients, and partners. The EFT Server offers the highest level of compliance with corporate and government data security policies and privacy regulations including PCI DSS, FIPS-140-2, HIPAA, and SOX.
As part of the offer, the company said it would also include all optional add-on modules for a 30-day evaluation period. These modules allow customers to customize their solution with capabilities such as auditing and reporting, extended protocol support, and OpenPGP encryption. Customers will have the option of purchasing the modules and maintenance and support during or after their evaluation period.
Some of the features of the EFT Server include options for secure transport protocols, user-friendly, interfaces for sending and receiving files, data encryption and security, including a secure DMZ edge server, support for remote administration and virtual file systems and event-based automation and processing. The company introduced EFT Server to the small to medium-size business (SMB) market in early 2009 to complement its flagship EFT Server Enterprise solution. The company's solutions facilitate delivery of information such as financial data, medical records, customer files and similar data documents while supporting information protection approaches to meet privacy, security, and compliance requirements.
"The competitive landscape in the MFT space has evolved over time to include free, very low cost, or -home-grown' file transfer server products," said Bill Buie, executive vice president of sales at GlobalScape. "These products may serve as -good enough' for some customers, but we have seen occasions where -free' comes at a high cost when functionality and dependability are important. We are providing this promotion to increase our brand awareness and ultimately to increase the number of customers using our EFT Server suite."
In August, the company unveiled enhancements for its Mail Express solution. The managed file transfer (MFT) solution is designed to improve end user and IT admin productivity by simplifying the secure exchange of large email files. Mail Express enables Microsoft Outlook email users to send and receive large files on demand. It also allows for centralized policy management so that IT can enforce policies on each user's email account.
GlobalScape's revenue was $4.5 million for the second quarter of fiscal year 2010, a decrease of six percent when compared with revenue of $4.7 million in the same quarter last year. Jim Morris, GlobalScape president and CEO, notes that the revenue and other key financials from the second quarter of last year were influenced by a large U.S. Army contract announced in April 2009.
The company announced in June that it entered into a partnership with Rackspace Hosting, a hosting and cloud computing specialist. Through Rackspace's infrastructure, GlobalSscape delivers cloud-based managed file transfer solutions for the secure exchange of business-to-business data, including large files and sensitive data. The initial GlobalScape product offering, Managed Information Xchange (or MIX), integrates the company's EFT Server solution with Rackspace's infrastructure.