GlobalScape Offers Updated File Transfer Software to SMBs

Slow or unstable file transfer services can be a big pain for small businesses that often transmit loads of data. GlobalScape's updated file transfer software might help ease the transfer squeeze.

File transfer solutions firm GlobalScape has announced the release of its latest version of information-sharing software, Enhanced File Transfer Server Version 6.0. GlobalScape targets its other high-end file transfer protocol software at the SMB market.
The introduction of Version 6.0 also marks a rebranding of the company's FTP solutions. GlobalScape's legacy Secure FTP Server and EFT Server solutions will now be available as EFT Server and EFT Server Enterprise, respectively. For Version 6.0 of the file transfer software, GlobalScape adopted a scalable solution suite accommodating add-on modules to support SMBs' increasing information sharing needs, as well as supporting backward compatibility.
"We're changing the FTP game by bringing to SMB customers high-end capabilities previously associated with expensive enterprise-class solutions," said GlobalScape's director of product management, Robert Oslin. "Our new EFT Server 6.0 has unequivocally surpassed the legacy Secure FTP Server competition because proven performance and years of enterprise-level enhancements are integrated into the solution suite. With 6.0, we've set a new standard with the most powerful SMB FTP server on the market, bar none."
Some of the add-on modules available for software include an Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM), High-Security Payment Card Industry (HS-PCI) Module, OpenPGP Module, Web Transfer Client and DMZ Gateway. The modules are also available to Secure FTP Server customers who upgrade to EFT Server or EFT Server Enterprise.
The company says the add-on modules and solutions give SMB customers the enhanced functionality to address regulatory compliance requirements with a proven FTP solution. GlobalScape encourages larger enterprises to consider implementing EFT Server 6.0 in a hub-and-spoke architecture, with EFT Server Enterprise deployed as the hubs and EFT Server as the spokes.
GlobalScape is targeting EFT Server Enterprise at large-enterprise installations and included a disaster recovery and staging tool, and Oracle database support. The company says the software is also compatible with the new Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) Module released by the company last month.
The AWE Module provides more than 200 built-in "drag and drop" workflow actions, including sending SNMP traps, communicating with mainframe computers, redirecting or relocating files, integrating SQL and X M L capabilities, and executing third-party applications, custom programs and batch files.

"Our Version 6.0 suite of solutions reflects almost two years of cumulative development effort since the last major release of EFT Server in June 2007," said GlobalScape's vice president and chief engineer, Tim Barton. "We have incorporated significant customer and market feedback and leveraged our substantial file transfer expertise to deliver this much-enhanced solution. No other managed file transfer product provides an equivalent level of compatibility with industry standards and support for regulatory compliance initiatives."