Good Technology Launches Cloud-Based EMM Platforms

Built on the Good Dynamics platform, Good Work introduces a people-centric design, including mobile presence integrated into email, calendar and contacts.

good technology and byod

Mobile security specialist Good Technology announced the availability of Good Work, a cloud-hosted or on-premise secure enterprise mobility management (EMM) system for businesses.

In addition, the company also announced Good Secure Mobile Productivity Suite, an all-in-one cloud-based offering, combining the most requested business apps beyond email.

Built on the Good Dynamics platform, Good Work introduces a people-centric design, including mobile presence integrated into email, calendar and contacts for access to colleagues. In a single app, users navigate among secure email, messaging, contacts, calendar, documents and browsing.

"Mobile technology is radically changing computing as we know it. Accessing email has evolved from only being accessible on a single enterprise-designed device to an entire industry made up of a diverse set of devices and multiple operating systems," Lynn Lucas, chief marketing officer at Good Technology, told eWEEK. "It’s also redefining businesses processes. Business users are not just accessing email on their mobile devices. They are now using enterprise mobile apps to edit and sign documents, connect to SharePoint, check sales figures and approve back-end invoicing–all through newly defining mobile workflows--and all from their devices anywhere at anytime."

In addition to Good Work, it includes Good Secure Mobile Productivity ecosystem partners Polaris Office and Branchfire iAnnotate, offering document management, Good Share for SharePoint for file access and Good Connect for instant messaging.

"Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of media attention around national and international cyber-surveillance systems and the potential ability to pull traffic information off the Internet and see into the data stored by many cloud services," Lucas explained. "At Good Technology, we believe in a layered security approach. There must also be security at the network layer, as well as application layer."

In addition, the platform provider must be able to segregate data properly so that one customer cannot accidently tap into another customer’s data as well as from the employees who are supporting this cloud-based platform.

Lucas said their cloud deployments use a secure-cloud model in which encryption between a device and an enterprise is end-to-end where only the end customer organizations knows what the encryption keys are.

Not only can Good not see email content or Internet sites visited, but also cannot see who is talking to whom, ensuring corporate data is highly secured as well as user privacy is protected.

The Good Work app is included in all Good Enterprise Mobility Management suites, available for on-premise deployments and will be generally available for cloud-based deployments by the end of October.

The Good Secure Mobile Productivity Suite is available as a limited time promotion for new customers at $10 per user per month, providing a 20 percent discount off the list value through Dec. 31, 2014.

"Increasingly, the conversation is moving towards who is responsible for the data and who is paying for that usage on a BYOD device. This will only become more complex as the era of the Internet of things (IoT) is introducing more wearables into the enterprise," Lucas said. "The IoT is going to enable connections in the enterprise that are going to allow everyone to become more interactive with the information repositories available today and we will gain access to new information moving forward."