Good Technology Launches Split Billing Platforms

The Enterprise Suite with Data Service allows businesses to offer employees access to secure email, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and more.

byod and good technology

Mobile security specialist Good Technology announced the release of enterprise split billing solutions to alleviate the need for blind bring your own device (BYOD) stipend or reimbursement programs.

Good Enterprise Suite with Data Service and Good Mobile Analytics and Reporting are two platforms designed to help organizations reduce friction from BYOD and corporate-owned-personally-enabled (COPE) rollouts.

The Enterprise Suite with Data Service allows organizations to offer employees access to secure email, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and more without worrying about cellular data charges.

Employees don't pay for the data used by approved business apps, and the enterprise no longer needs to implement stipend or expense recovery programs.

"User friendliness is critical for our Enterprise Split Billing solution. Our goal is to deliver a solution where the user knows exactly when their data is covered and when it is not, and that doesn’t require them to know anything about the underlying systems that make it possible," John Herrema, senior vice president of product management at Good Technology, told eWEEK. "We also want to make sure the user doesn’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to set up the service in the first place."

Organizations avoid stipend reimbursement programs by including required data charges within licensed software or by enabling existing stipend programs to be optimized based on actual per-application data requirements. In addition, mobile rollouts are streamlined by purchasing everything needed with a subscription.

For organizations interested in gaining more detailed insight into business data usage, the standalone Mobile Analytics and Reporting capability provides visibility into actual data usage on a per application basis.

This includes all Good-secured apps whether developed by Good, ISV partners or customers, and will launch in the fourth quarter.

Administrators will also be able to avoid unplanned spikes in data charges by applying usage policy controls such as roaming detection.

"Security and privacy are always key considerations for every solution that Good provides to its customers and their end users," Herrema explained. "In designing our 'comes with data' services, our primary concerns were ensuring that any information we collect around app installation and app data usage is solely based on the employer’s business applications, not any of the apps that the user may be using in their personal life. That’s the beauty of containerization—it allows IT to only focus on the data in the container and the business apps that are using it."

The Enterprise Suite with Data Service includes a Enterprise Suite license, Data Service and the Mobile Analytics and Reporting capability and covers cellular data usage by Good Work and Good Access with data charges included in the product license.

Monthly pricing is $20 per user for the Enterprise Suite with Data Service, and $5 per user for Mobile Analytics and Reporting.

According to a report from IT research firm Forrester, 54 percent of U.S. information workers pay their entire mobile phone data bill for phones they use for work, while 19 percent say their company pays the bill directly, 7 percent say they are reimbursed and 13 percent receive partial reimbursement.