GridGain Releases Cloud Application Platform

GridGain 3.0 delivers a cloud application platform that integrates computational and data grids.

Open-source cloud application platform developer GridGain Systems announced the general availability of GridGain 3.0, the company's next version of its cloud application platform for the Java ecosystem. GridGain 3.0 is software middleware designed for scalable business applications that run on managed infrastructure - from a single Google Android-powered device to internal grid to clouds from a cloud provider.

GridGain 3.0 is a cloud application platform that combines computation and data grid technologies in one integrated product. It also adds zero deployment and zero provisioning technology, designed to enable simplified auto-scaling on managed infrastructure architectures. GridGain 3.0 comes in open source community and commercial enterprise editions and is available for immediate download from the company's Website.

"GridGain 3.0 is truly innovative piece of software on so many levels. To begin, we are the first in industry to provide our customers with two pieces of technology absolutely critical for highly scalable business applications - compute and data grids - fully integrated in one product eliminating the costly integration of multiple products from different vendors," said Nikita Ivanov, CEO of GridGain Systems.

"With our patent-pending zero deployment technology we let our customers to dramatically speed up the development process of their applications - the major cost center in any cloud-related project," he continued. "This technology completely removes the entire third party IDE-based or Web-based provisioning tool-chain from the project further saving on cost and time."

GridGain 3.0 supports most major operating systems and requires Java 6 and Scala 2.8 or later. The company noted it provides a full spectrum of services for GridGain software including training, support and consulting. "With introduction of native Scala language support we let our customer use the same programming language and technology that at the core of mission critical systems for companies like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn," Ivanov said. "And with our unique "Cloud-as-a-VM" virtualization technology developers can treat the entire cloud as a single virtualized VM enabling radically simplified development of highly scalable cloud applications - all without a need for expensive proprietary hardware solutions."