Haivision Debuts Enterprise Video Platform Calypso

The platform also supports metadata, search, and filtering, with the aim of helping users find videos and specific moments within video content.

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Video-management specialist Haivision announced the launch of the Calypso Enterprise Video Platform, a centralized hub where companies can manage, store and share live and on-demand video with employees throughout an organization.

Through an intuitive Web-based user interface, the solution allows companies to create their own delivery network so employees can watch video directly from their desktops and mobile devices.

Calypso supports both unicast and simulated-multicast, enabling broadscale live video distribution within the enterprise, and it allows content administrators to organize videos for effective employee browsing.

The platform also supports metadata, search and filtering, with the aim of helping users find videos and specific moments in video content.

"To support adoption and make sure that a company video portal is popular and an everyday destination for employees, the system needs to be an intuitive and familiar experience to all users," Peter Maag, Haivision's chief marketing officer, told eWEEK. "Content consumers not only need a simple interface to search and retrieve content, but the content needs to be carefully curated to expose the most important assets that the enterprise consumer needs to view to do his [or her] job."

Maag also noted that content administrators need simple one-click interfaces to make it easy to upload and organize content for specific users and groups, explaining that Calypso also supports extensive metadata, search and filtering to help users find videos and specific moments in video content.

For authentication, Calypso features tools that allow companies to securely share live and on-demand video with specific users or groups.

Content administrators from any department can share content with individuals or groups, and based on their roles and responsibilities, they can also establish different privileges for specific videos, such as viewing, downloading, sharing and editing rights.

"The enterprise needs to engage and educate both internal and external clients," Maag said. "Just as video is a critical tool for employee training and enablement, customers will also benefit from visual tutorials, product demos and training videos, helping build thought leadership for [their] companies."

He explained that, initially, the Calypso enterprise video platform addresses internal audiences in a company, noting that in future releases, the platform will address sharing semiprivate videos with external, selected audiences, such as partners and customers.

For organizations that need to report and document employee compliance with important corporate training, communications, regulations and standards—such as ISO—Calypso’s reporting features help ensure that managers and business decision-makers know who watched what content and when.

"Video is a great way to support compliance and make sure that employees are actually consuming specific information," Maag said. "Unlike documents, video has a deeper level of analytics, helping companies know that their employees have watched a video through to completion."