harmon.ie Debuts Collage Workstream Platform

The initial launch unifies Microsoft Office 365, Yammer and Salesforce notification services, and additional cloud services will be added in 2015.

harmon.ie and workflow

Social collaboration software specialist harmon.ie launched Collage, a platform designed to give workers a contextual, single-screen work stream that offers a 360-degree view across enterprise cloud services.
Collage automatically deduces shared topics, such as customer names, project titles, products or events, so individuals can see all information related to that topic.
The initial launch unifies Microsoft Office 365, Yammer and Salesforce notification services, and additional cloud services will be added in 2015.
The platform’s consolidated activity work stream brings together updates from disjointed enterprise cloud services, correlating notifications and information into one common language and finding relationships across a variety of sources.
"The adoption of business cloud services by workers is creating a disconnected user experience since each cloud service surfaces its information via an app or set of apps," David Lavenda, vice president of product strategy at harmon.ie, told eWEEK. "Workers struggle to see the big picture as they toggle between apps trying to piece together what’s happening in their business and what they need to focus on."
Collage also connects multiple enterprise cloud services and provides a real-time feed of critical notifications and allows workers to personalize their view or individual work stream.
"We created Collage to provide the best of both worlds–freedom to choose the right cloud solution for each business process, and a smart, contextual single-screen workstream across those solutions," Lavenda said. "The end result allows users to avoid cross-system information overload and increase productivity through managing their workday efficiently."
The platform also automates topic creation, creating tags from structured and unstructured data, delivers information context based on time, events, users, calendars, and lets workers filter by person, topic, task and see all updates or activities
Finally, Collage also instantly launches the app needed to complete business task, whether it be updating a Salesforce record or joining a Yammer conversation.
"With more cloud applications and more information than ever before, context is the key to overcoming the information overload that barrages workers today," Lavenda said. "Enterprises are looking for a way to give workers the right information, at the right time within business context – it is the only way to ensure they can efficiently make decisions that drive the business."
He explained the company first focused on the marketing and sales and communication business processes because of the business need – the first integration had to be Salesforce.
"In 2015, we will expand to other best of breed systems, starting with customer service solutions like Zendesk, ERP systems like SAP, and HCM solutions like Workday," he said. "The market for contextual workstreams is still early, but our customers are already asking for additional fine-tuned features like the ability to favorite and share topics, as well as making persistent notifications."