HDS Expands Management Software Portfolio

Hitachi subsidiary Hitachi Data Systems debuts the IT Operations Analyzer, aimed at small and medium-size businesses.

Hitachi Data Systems, a subsidiary of Hitachi, announced it is expanding its management software portfolio with two offerings aimed at small and medium-size businesses; the Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer and the Hitachi Storage Command Portal.

The company says the IT Operations Analyzer is ideal for midmarket customers who are looking for a user-friendly solution. The software simplifies data center management by providing integrated monitoring of data center servers and IP networks along with Fibre Channel (SAN) networks, LAN and storage systems. It is available via a 30-day free trial link at the company's Website.

This view of the data center enables performance and availability monitoring across servers, network and storage assets. The solution features automated root cause analysis, network visualization, agentless architecture to support simple deployment and a unified intuitive, Web-based interface.

Todd Thelen, the technology leader at Mary Kay, says he is impressed with the interface and the ease and speed with which the devices in the data center are discovered. "The feature set is focused on solving issues we face every day in our data center, and looks to hold great promise in helping optimize our existing assets and continue to find ways to reduce costs." Hitachi says the IT Operations Analyzer is designed to help customers streamline IT operations, improve customer service levels, reduce total cost of ownership and is easy to manage across the data center without specialized training.

"IT Managers are continually challenged with increasing demands from their internal customers, and must stretch their expertise and limited staff to maintain multivendor, multiplatform data center infrastructures," says Mary Johnston

Turner, the research director for system management software for IDC.
She says Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer provides the visibility customers need to monitor the performance and availability of the data center, and help manage remediation for network issues and outages. "It enables IT managers to focus on critical areas that strengthen competitive advantage, control costs and increase customer service levels," she says.

The Command Portal consolidates storage reporting within the Hitachi Storage Command Suite of management software to align Hitachi storage assets with the business applications that rely on them. The solution provides businesses with a view of the Hitachi storage environment with business centric capacity and performance reporting to help manage service level objectives (SLOs).
"We're extending our innovation and expertise in storage management to deliver software that helps customers increase the return on their IT asset investments and reduce total cost of ownership in their data centers," says HDS's vice president of software product management Sean Moser. "Our approach to software is focused on helping our customers achieve service level objectives and optimize business value."