Highspot Content Genomics Aims at Marketing, Sales Teams

With Content Genomics, sales teams can discover how pieces of content are related and track modifications that have been made across the organization.

highspot and content genomics

Highspot announced the beta release of Content Genomics, a machine learning application for marketing and sales content.

With Content Genomics, marketing and sales groups can discover how pieces of content are related plus track content modifications or its DNA, making it possible to measure content performance.

The DNA of content refers to the distinctive characteristics of any specific document, presentation, page, or slide. Content Genomics analyzes numerous signals for each piece of content, such as text, color, graphics, size, and aspect ratio, and then applies machine learning to determine a genetic code for that piece of content.

That genetic code is then used to determine the degree of similarity between pieces of content, how the content has evolved as it gets customized, and all the places it has been used.

Highspot provides both descriptive and predictive analytics, with predictive analytics used to score content’s effectiveness for a specific opportunity based on the opportunity’s characteristics, stage of the buying cycle and what has been successful in the past.

Launched one year ago, Highspot has more than100 customers, including Booking.com, PayScale, Concur and Parallels.

"Data analytics has empowered marketing with the ability to test, monitor, and optimize their activities," Robert Wahbe, CEO and co-founder of Highspot, told eWEEK. "What historically was the 'art of marketing' becomes the 'art and science of marketing'. This process is called 'closed loop marketing' and in the last 10 years has elevated the role of the CMO because of the systematic process to measure impact on revenue. This practice, however, has been completely ignored in the bottom half of the buying cycle."

With Content Genomics, users can measure customer engagement across all variations of a presentation and pinpoint which version is resonating best through real-time feedback, the company said.

In addition, sales and marketing teams can monitor adherence to brand guidelines to ensure message quality, and gain insight into how the most successful sales teams are adapting presentations and share that information to train the rest of the sales force.

"More than most B2B software, the usability of a sales enablement platform is paramount. The ultimate goal of a sales enablement platform is to increase the effectiveness of the sales team and that only happens if the platform is adopted and used," Wahbe explained. "A fundamental goal of ours is to reduce friction for the sales rep. That includes making it easy to find the content they need, working in their existing environments, namely CRM systems, and providing elegant customer communications platforms."