How Jive Social Business Suite 4.0 Looks<br />in Microsoft Office, on iPhone

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How Jive Social Business Suite 4.0 Looks<br />in Microsoft Office, on iPhone

by Clint Boulton

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Jive Within Office

Jive Microsoft Office Connector is a software module that lets SBS 4.0 users work on any Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet or presentation in Jive or from their desktop. The plug-in allows users to share content in Jive SBS with one click of the save button. Users can add editors, add tags, write descriptions and manage document versions.

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Office Within Jive

Here is what Microsoft Office looks like in the context of Jive. The Office content is pictured in Jive SBS 4.0, which runs in the browser. Users can bookmark, rate and see similar content. Users can also make in-line comments while automatically syncing comments with the desktop plug-in.

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Building Social Bridges

Bridged discussions are embedded within a new discussion thread in the other community. Both threads remain connected and responses can be published back to the original thread.

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The Jive Community

Click a menu at the bottom left of the screen to bridge a discussion from one community to another.

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Jive on the iPhone

Jive Mobile consists of a native iPhone application and a variety of new e-mail authoring and notification capabilities for Jive content. It also allows users to update their status, alerting their teams to their location and progress on projects.

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What You Can Do with Jive Mobile

Jive's iPhone application lets users track activity, view user profiles, preview and comment on content, write blogs, comment on Microsoft Office documents, and search for people, places and content.

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