HP Autonomy LiveVault 7.7 Offers VMware Integration

Autonomy delivers point-in-time recovery of server data through continuous backup in the cloud and locally in the data center.

Software specialist and Hewlett-Packard (HP) company HP Autonomy unveiled Autonomy LiveVault 7.7, a cloud-based solution with integrated VMware vSphere support that unifies data protection and recovery across both virtual and physical environments.

The platform, which is scheduled for general availability at the end of September, provides organizations with a single interface from which to manage data protection across both physical and virtual machines. The LiveVault agent encrypts all data before transferring it from the customer's servers. All data remains encrypted at Autonomy's offsite, underground data centers, as well as on the optional TurboRestore appliance, which resides in the customer data center.

To ensure the physical security and availability of stored data, the LiveVault service mirrors all data to a second, geographically dispersed data centers, for full failover and redundancy. In addition, Autonomy delivers point-in-time recovery of server data through continuous backup in the cloud and locally in the data center.

LiveVault 7.7 is a key component of HP Autonomy’s Unified Data Protection portfolio, and integrates directly with the VMware vStorage API’s for Data Protection (VADP) to provide snapshot backups of virtual machines (VMs) without requiring extended backup windows or downtime. In addition, it, uses the same common code base for virtualized environments across both on-premise and cloud environments to help simplify support and enable faster feature enhancement delivery.

"We are excited about the new LiveVault 7.7 backup product and HP’s overall commitment to cloud-based solutions for data protection and recovery," David Mould, information technology operations manager at the Royal National Institute of Blind People, said in a statement. "We are impressed with the ease of set-up and are excited to be able to manage both physical and virtual backups from one web-based interface. This plus the addition of extensive VMware vSphere support has made LiveVault 7.7 a true enterprise-class solution."

The platform also offers a local on-premises cache, leverages Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to backup over the Internet to the cloud, and provides multiple data retention options from 30 days to 7 years, including legal hold support.

"Companies have to protect a new generation of enterprise data that is exploding across a wide range of locations, applications, and formats in physical and virtual environments," David Jones, general manager of data protection for HP Autonomy, said in a statement. "LiveVault 7.7 provides organizations a comprehensive solution to protect all of their data, on-premises and in the cloud. This streamlines operations, reduces the cost of ownership, and delivers fast recoveries while still providing a secure offsite mirrored copy of data."