Huawei Symantec Introduces Storage, Security Solutions

The Oceanspace S2600, the Oceanspace N8300 and Secospace USG2000 BSR/HSR solutions come to North America.

Huawei Symantec announced the North American launch of three storage products aimed at small to medium-size businesses and enterprises: an enterprise-class storage solution for SMBs, a high-performance computing-focused unified storage platform, and a multiservice gateway for security and routing.

The solutions will be made available to North American SMBs and enterprises through the company's authorized distributor, Condre Storage.
The three products announced-the Oceanspace S2600, the Oceanspace N8300 and the Secospace USG2000 BSR/HSR-kick off Huawei Symantec's effort to unveil more competitive products and solutions to the North American market.

The Oceanspace S2600 is a storage solution for SMBs that was designed to give cost-conscious businesses access to enterprise-level technology in one box. The company said its consolidated set of storage features allows SMBs to reduce total cost of ownership.
The Oceanspace N8300 solution is a unified storage platform designed for midrange and high-end storage applications. Its architecture, high scalability and user-friendly management support high-performance computing, databases, Websites, file services, streaming media, video surveillance and file backup for businesses across a range of sectors.
The Secospace USG2000 BSR/HSR is a multiservice gateway solution that integrates security, routing and switching, wireless access, and voice service functions. It is an all-in-one device that can provide IP routing and flexible network connections, and helps assure businesses of end-to-end security.
"The solutions introduced today embody the innovative and cost-effective solutions promised at the launch of the Huawei Symantec joint venture," said Jane Li, general manager of North America for Huawei Symantec. "We are committed to helping North American SMBs and enterprises manage their critical information assets with cutting-edge technology at reasonable prices."
In September, the company announced that Condre Storage, an enterprise IT distributor, has been selected as an authorized distributor for its network storage products in the North American market. Condre Storage has announced plans to work jointly with Huawei Symantec to build awareness and reach for the Huawei Symantec brand through its distribution network of 2,500 value-added storage resellers. Condre Storage said it plans to develop channel and partner strategies to recruit and broaden the partner network of Huawei Symantec's network storage solutions.
In addition, Condre Storage provides value-added distribution (VAD) services to its regional channel partners. This includes a range of networked services, such as pre-sales consultancy, marketing, service implementation and after-sales support. The company offers a combination of product lines in hard drives, tape backup, RAID systems, storage area networking (SAN) and software.
Huawei Symantec, a joint venture established in 2008, has deployed solutions for more than 1,000 customers from various industries in over 40 countries and anticipates global revenues to reach $500 million in 2010. The joint venture recently introduced an official presence in North America and is focused on expanding its product line for the region, generating a network of distributor partners and creating long-term partnerships with customers, according to a company release.