i-Technosoft Debuts SharePoint 2010 Enterprise

The company's Enterprise SharePoint 2010 Shared Hosting Plans start as low as $50 per month.

The cloud computing division of i-Technosoft announced its service availability for SharePoint 2010 Cloud Hosting, which offers a broader selection of features, including FAST search, access Web services, Excel services, Visio service, performance point, business-intelligence services, and a rich and interactive dashboard for reporting. The company has been gradually rolling out hosted versions of Microsoft Business Software as part of its strategic move toward cloud computing.
In June, i-Technosoft unveiled its SharePoint Foundation 2010 hosting plans with an offer at $1.99. The company said the recent launch of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Shared Cloud would enable businesses to publish their Microsoft Access Databases on SharePoint using Access Services, migrating their data, forms, queries and reports with secured user access to the database and making it accessible via a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on the Web without having a client application on the desktop.
"We have received various requests for a Shared SharePoint Enterprise Hosting that not only offers Access Services but can enable a business to effectively manage their KPIs [key performance indicators] via a rich, interactive dashboard," said Richard Feltham, quality control supervisor at i-Technosoft.

"i-Technosoft has been offering customization and consulting services since 2008 for enterprise customers to automate their entire business using SharePoint. All our internal processes, including our front-end Website, are driven by Microsoft's SharePoint Technology integrated with Live Chat and e-commerce, which serves as a perfect example of the product's extensibility."
The i-Technosoft Enterprise SharePoint 2010 Shared Hosting Plans start as low as $50 per month with an option for customers to move to a private cloud with Hosted Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint and Exchange. The plans will not be limited to Access Hosting and will also include all the core functionalities of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise. A SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Demo is now publicly available. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 will also help users visualize and track their performance by building and sharing reports as well as scorecards based on their Microsoft Excel Workbook Data, Feltham said.

Mehdi Abbas, CTO at i-Technosoft, said most corporate customers that even have an enterprise licensing agreement with Microsoft are still using SharePoint at a very basic level.

"Small to medium-size businesses still make considerable investments in Website, portal design and development where Microsoft SharePoint can achieve a lot more with lower TCO [total cost of ownership]," he said. "We will soon announce a value proposition for our customers, enabling their businesses to successfully transition to the Web through our economical Cloud Computing Model and an extensive SharePoint training program through our partners.""