IBS Offers FasTrax Application Suite

IBS reaches out to cost-conscious businesses with FasTrax, a bundled offering of pre-configured best-practice processes and fixed price services.

Distribution software solution specialist International Business Systems (IBS) announced the release of FasTrax, a bundled offering of pre-configured best-practice processes and fixed price services, based on IBS Enterprise, the application suite tailored for distribution and wholesale. The offering will be based around a three month fixed-price model that delivers the complete solution either as an on-premise implementation or more commonly as a hosted application service.

Behind IBS FasTraX are173 pre-defined and configured data sets, business flows for Finance and Distribution, standard reports, a data tool set, 20 days of education and a fixed-price implementation plan. Aimed at the small-to-medium sized business sectors (SMB) that desire the benefits of a robust application suite such as IBS Enterprise but without the complexities of a highly tailored implementation, IBS said FasTrax has been designed with speed, ease, configurability and manageability in mind.

Stephen Thornton, senior vice president of professional services at IBS, said while they sell their solutions to large corporations, it is the SMB sector that is the bulk of their customer base. "In the past few years it has become apparent that while this sector expects the full and rich functionality that IBS Enterprise provides, it does so with an expectation of more standardized processes and lower overall costs," he said. "We see IBS FasTrax as being key to our future delivery on that expectation."

Thornton said the nature of sophisticated supply chains and the complexities of larger organizational processes can sometimes lead to lengthy project implementations, and for smaller businesses these timescales and costs can be a problem. For these midmarket companies, having a suite of pre-defined processes, based on industry best practice, but with the flexibility to configure to their needs, is more appropriate. IBS Enterprise already provides a business software offering for distribution, from managing supply, through value-added logistics, warehousing and service-provision, to demand management and sales, financial management, reporting and business intelligence.

"IBS FasTrax will allow us to significantly increase our project execution, as it comes pre-configured with pharmaceutical distribution processes, Italian pharmaceutical business requirements and - of course - Italian laws", said Andrea di Giacomo, managing director of Ragusa Remo Farmaceutici S.p.A. "Consequently we expect to be able to keep our project costs under tight control. Furthermore, by using the IBS FasTrax implementation model alongside IBS experience in the Pharmaceutical Distribution industry, gives us the confidence of a successful project outcome."