IDology Announces Mobile Solution Suite, ExpectID Scanner

The Mobile Identity Spectrum is designed to verify an identity at all stages of mobile interactions from account opening to ongoing transactions. 

idology and mobile security

Identity verification and fraud prevention specialist IDology announced the release of Mobile Identity Spectrum, an integrated solution suite designed to enable safer and frictionless mobile experiences, and ExpectID Scan Onboard, a mobile-optimized ID document verification, scan and prefill solution.

The Mobile Identity Spectrum is designed to verify an identity at all stages of mobile interactions from account opening to ongoing transactions.

Solutions within the Spectrum include ExpectID Scan Onboard, ExpectID, ExpectID IQ and ExpectID Mobile. All leverage IDology’s fraud tools and the company’s Collaborative Fraud Network.

"With the mobile channel becoming a more popular way to interact with banking, payments, retail, healthcare and other organizations, IDology saw a few needs that needed to be met," John Dancu, CEO of IDology, told eWEEK. "Firstly the shift of consumers towards mobile devices created new challenges for verifying identity."

Dancu explained mobile devices have a unique digital footprint, people change them more frequently than desktop computers. With smartphones, the phone channel (think SMS verification and account messages) and the Internet channel (how they access your services) are now morphed into one device, merging what was once two separate channels for verification.

"Another problem that we saw is that many consumers that use a mobile device as their primary Internet gateway were having problems signing up for accounts on a mobile device," he said. "Many onboarding processes are not too mobile friendly and require too much typing of information. We wanted to simplify that."

ExpectID Scan Onboard is a new solution within the Spectrum. It enables mobile onboarding by scanning and verifying a user’s ID.

The user simply takes a picture of the front and back of either their driver’s license, state identification or international identification card.

The ID document is verified and the information on the document is then verified and used to pre-populate an enrollment form.

The ID information can be verified through ExpectID and, if necessary, escalated to additional verification through ExpectID IQ knowledge-based authentication or ExpectID Scan for a deeper review of the ID presented.

"Mobile security will become one of the main security focuses for companies operating in a mobile environment because it’s no secret that mobile usage is becoming one of the most popular ways for consumers to interact with different organizations," Dancu said. "Because of this, we know that fraudsters move to where the activity is. As we mentioned the convergence of verifying a phone call, mobile device attributes and Web access are now in one place and since people change devices and sometimes numbers much more frequently, verifying an identity has become much more challenging."