Igloo Launches Pearl Web-Based Collaboration Suite

The latest version of the collaboration suite offers an instant translation feature and enhanced social metrics.

Social business software specialist Igloo announced the launch of the latest iteration of its cloud-based collaboration software suite, Pearl, which adds full support for multilingual translation, allowing business teams with different mother tongues to communicate and collaborate in the language of their choice. The additions are part of Igloo's summer release, called Pearl, which is available via the company€™s Website,

Other updated features include an integrated social analytics reporting tool, powered by MicroStrategy, for analyzing participation, influence, activity and engagement, the ability to remove content from the search index by setting a retention schedule for specific types of content and enhanced file sharing by way of a revamped HTML5 interface for drag-and-drop file sharing and an increase in file size to up to 2GB.

Igloo is currently available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. During a collaboration session, users can set their default language preference, and a tabbed view enables translations of the content. Powered by Google Translate, instant translations can be turned on or off, and users can customize the site map with full translations of all navigation items, and also delegate localization of team spaces to space administrators.

"The prospect of global expansion used to be a daunting process for small and midsized companies," Dan Latendre, CEO of Igloo, said in prepared remarks. "The Web has changed that, not just from a marketing perspective, but also operationally. With our latest release, we've eliminated one of the most significant barriers to collaboration, making it easier to work together regardless of location, time zone and now language."

The social analytics tool is built on MicroStrategy's business intelligence (BI) platform, embedding MicroStrategy's reporting tools into the administrative console in Igloo in order to track various metrics, with out-of-the-box dashboards and custom reports. Businesses can monitor growth by analyzing traditional site metrics, such as login frequency, time on site and overall membership, and develop a more complete understanding of community dynamics by assessing individual behaviors and interactions across groups, teams and content types.

The latest release also includes a new master control panel for managing labels, tags and taxonomies, support for embedded YouTube videos, the ability to broadcast a message to a sub-set of or the entire group, HTML rendering, community notifications and the ability to create multiple channels to all apps, including wikis and calendars. Rounding out the package are enhanced email notifications and the ability for system administrators to set default preferences for time zone and first day of the week.