Impetus Unveils Free Versions Of StreamAnalytix Platform

StreamAnalytix is built over an open source stack including Apache Storm, Kafka and Hadoop and embeds an event-processing engine.

impetus and big data

Impetus Technologies announced the availability of free versions of StreamAnalytix, the company’s streaming analytics platform, which is based on open source technology components.

Launched in February 2015, StreamAnalytix is built over an open source stack, including Apache Storm, Kafka and Hadoop, and embeds an event-processing engine for performing real-time analytics on streaming data.

Interfaces to Apache Cassandra, Apache Solr and Elasticsearch are also available out of the box.

The platform works with most major Hadoop distributions and allows passing on data and event-triggers to other enterprise applications based on business rules applied over streaming data.

"Big data analytics, when implemented correctly, has the ability to separate companies from the industry at large. Companies have been using analytics to improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty, gain operational efficiencies, and increase revenue and profitability," Anand Venugopal, head of product for StreamAnalytix at Impetus Technologies, told eWEEK. "However, what separates big data analytics from traditional data analytics is its ability to rapidly deliver greater breadth and depth of insights – from an overall perspective and into specific business scenarios."

Venugopal explained it can deliver greater levels of insight, an understanding of cause and effect, plus provide specificity to descriptive, predictive and prescriptive uses of analytics. He noted the unprecedented speed of all this newly enabled analytics makes context-sensitive responses possible like never before at reasonable costs, resulting in a significantly higher overall impact.

As part of the new, free versions of StreamAnalytix, Impetus is offering three options that include StreamAnalytix Lite, StreamAnalytix Developer and StreamAnalytix Sandbox.

Lite is a free, perpetual license to a production ready, unlimited scale, limited functionality version of the StreamAnalytix platform with a set of operators to ingest, store, and index real-time streaming big data, and perform custom processing and analytics on the stream.

Developer is offered as a free one-year trial of StreamAnalytix Enterprise with all features included and scale limited to a maximum of eight processing cores of Apache Storm, and includes all the features included in the Lite version.

In addition, Developer offers real-time dashboards, dynamic message routing, multi-tenancy support, built-in operators for complex event processing, predictive model markup language (PMML) support and operations monitoring of real-time applications.

Sandbox includes a free, one-year pre-licensed copy of Enterprise limited to eight processing cores, integrated with underlying open source components and pre-packaged in a binary virtual machine format that can be downloaded and used with no software installation process required.

"User friendliness and ease and speed of creating streaming Analytics applications is the core foundational tenet of StreamAnalytix. In fact StreamAnalytix exists to bridge the user experience and enterprise-readiness gap of the otherwise very powerful underlying open source software systems," Venugopal said. "Coupling streamed data with historical data using an intuitive UI – creates the situation where data analysis can take place in a real-time and iterative process by people who have the situational business context – leading to greater insights."