Implix Launches Advanced Segmentation for GetResponse

E-mail marketers can leverage advanced targeted segmentation to increase e-mail marketing relevance and results.

E-mail marketing provider for the small and midsize business sector Implix and maker of the e-mail marketing platform GetResponse announced the launch of Advanced Segmentation, a feature that allows marketers to group audiences by factors such as e-mail behavior, geographic location, response history and preferences in order to send highly targeted e-mails that improve response rates and campaign return on investment.

The Advanced Segmentation solution offers features such as behavioral segmentation, which enables users to analyze customers' e-mail behavior (for example, open and click-through rates, response history, etc.) to help predict and influence future responses. In addition to e-mail metrics, targeting criteria may include marketing actions such as date added to list, date of last newsletter or last follow-up.

With Geosegmentation, marketers can use geographic data based on subscriber IP addresses to reach audiences where they live, with promotional offers they can use, to include: country, city, latitude/longitude, ZIP code, DMA code and more. The company said this can be particularly important to agencies and businesses promoting specials at specific locations.

The solution's custom data segmentation feature makes the custom data captured from Web forms and surveys accessible and actionable to improve segmentation. Marketers can create groups based on product preferences, hobbies, gender and any other details they've captured to help customize marketing communications and product offers.

According to a recent GetResponse study, 54 percent of SMB marketers stated they intended to focus on personalization and targeting in 2010. The survey found while marketers recognize the benefits, they have been slow to adopt segmentation beyond limited personalization. The process is perceived as complex, time-consuming and beyond the know-how of most small marketing teams. GetResponse Advanced Segmentation was developed to combine multiple targeting approaches in one simple process, making it easier for marketers to benefit from segmentation. For example, Marketing Sherpa reported that accurate segmentation can deliver up to 40 percent higher open and click rates.

"Advanced Segmentation is a tool that lets non-techie marketers create highly targeted groups of subscribers according to where they live, how they behave and their personal tastes and interests," explained Simon Grabowski, Implix CEO and founder of GetResponse. "Not all customers are alike, and what appeals to one may not interest another. Simply put, Advanced Segmentation helps marketers send the right messages to the right people at the right time. I am extremely excited about the ROI improvements this will deliver to GetResponse customers."

The GetResponse platform offers email-to-speech capabilities, audio and video recording, storage and delivery, Twitter integration, and an Apple iPhone application. The solution also includes e-mail analytics, unlimited follow-up messages, more than 300 HTML templates, online surveys, and professional-level training and support.