Implix Launches GetResponse Developer Zone

Implix announced the release of GetResponse Developer Zone, designed to help cost-conscious businesses improve their e-mail marketing ROI.

E-mail marketing company Implix announced the release of GetResponse Developer Zone, a portal dedicated to helping small and midsize businesses integrate the company's GetResponse e-mail marketing API platform with in-house applications, databases, e-commerce shopping carts, CRM, and CMS systems to improve targeted marketing capabilities and increase campaign return on investment. Developer resources are available for free on the company's Website.

Developers can use GetResponse API documentation, tutorials, templates, sample implementations, and FAQs to leverage GetResponse features wherever they're needed, integrate existing software, or create new applications that take advantage of e-mail marketing. The company states one of the biggest challenges facing SMB organizations today is how to integrate existing software with e-mail marketing to increase automation and improve efficiency, without requiring costly integration projects and large internal IT departments.

Features include synchronizing and updating subscriber and customer profiles and segmenting lists by demographics, geolocation, etc., supported by GetResponse's automated list hygiene and implementing behavioral targeting, which creates mailing lists based on user behaviors such as clicks, opens, navigation and timing and by exporting purchase history data to GetResponse for campaign targeting. Other features include automating delivery of transactional e-mails according to customer's business rules and customizing dashboards within customer applications using consolidated campaign statistics.

Company CEO Simon Grabowski said as small office/home office (SOHO) customers grow out of their home offices, and larger companies continue to expand, the GetResponse Developer Zone will take them one step closer to making e-mail marketing the most open, effective, and affordable tool in the digital marketer's toolkit. "Since my first attempt at age 6, writing code has been a passion of mine. I truly understand developer's needs, which is why the launch of the Developer Zone and Dynamic Content feature is so gratifying at this stage in our growth and that of our target markets," he said. "In spite of this downturn, SMB spending on software and self-service applications like GetResponse is expected to reach $35 billion by 2013."

To help marketers create targeted campaigns more quickly, Implix is also introducing Dynamic Content, an advanced mail-merge and personalization technique that provides a single message template with multiple, customizable fields. GetResponse users can then use conditional ("if-then") logic to automatically populate e-mail templates and business applications with personalized and relevant content, based on customer preferences, online behavior, demographics, or interests. Graboski explained Dynamic Content means that rather than crafting multiple messages to cater to different audiences, marketers can execute one-on-one campaigns quickly and accurately, thus improving their e-mail marketing ROI.