InfoArmor Debuts PrivacyArmor Secure Platform

PrivacyArmor Secure combines employee protection and training with an advanced threat intelligence platform to mitigate corporate risk.

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Identity protection solutions and cyber-intelligence services vendor InfoArmor has launched PrivacyArmor Secure, a security platform designed to keep corporate networks safe from threats while at the same time educating employees on security best practices.

With PrivacyArmor Secure includes technologies to protect a company’s data as well as the personal information of its employees.

PrivacyArmor Plus, a component of PrivacyArmor Secure, alerts employees when their personal data has been compromised, and features a team of Privacy Advocates offering full-service remediation to stop fraudulent activity and mitigate risk.

Another component, VigilanteATI Accomplice, is an advanced threat intelligence platform that helps safeguard networks and prevent data exfiltration, according to the company. It is a pared-down version of VigilanteATI, offering that includes compromised credential monitoring, security intelligence, vulnerability intelligence and e-crime intelligence.

"Leveraging the VigilanteATI Advanced Threat Intelligence platform, PrivacyArmor Secure lets an organization now easily migrate from a more legacy risk management environment to a threat intelligence framework adding value not only to their employee protection benefit, but delivering other practical security-based features," Christian Lees, InfoArmor chief technology officer and chief security officer, told eWEEK.

VigilanteATI Accomplice is scalable and can be upgradable to the full-featured version. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are available for integration within the customer environment for use with existing SIEMs and other internal systems.

"Knowing their attack posture and preparing for future attacks, threat vectors and awareness are some of the biggest security vulnerabilities small businesses are struggling to eliminate," Lees said. "The SME market faces the same or similar critical security challenges as the enterprise. InfoArmor has filled the void by delivering a security solution that is robust and attractively priced."

PrivacyArmor Secure also features Security Awareness Training, a series of short, animated security training videos aimed at educating employees about the dangers of specific cyber-security threats.

Security Awareness Training also includes interactive episodes that are based on actual security breaches that have gained media attention. The company also offers monthly episodes to keep security top of mind among employees.

"While usability is a key feature, the primary goal is to deliver meaningful and actionable intelligence, and PrivacyArmor does just that," Lee explained. "It delivers a robust solution in an easy-to-use platform."