InstallAware Offers Application Virtualization Tool

InstallAware Virtualization, an application virtualization tool, is based on an agentless architecture.

Software development company InstallAware Marketing announced the release of InstallAware Virtualization, an application virtualization tool for ISVs and enterprises deploying and re-packaging software products on Microsoft Windows. InstallAware Virtualization creates virtualized applications that run inside a secure sandbox on users' systems, providing access to the original application dependencies such as ActiveX controls and dynamic libraries, powered by a virtual file system and registry. The solution is the result of collaborative effort between InstallAware and Softanics.

InstallAware Virtualization is also based on an agentless architecture, which eliminates the need to preinstall agent code on target devices; all that is necessary to run is the single portable executable file.The solution is licensed royalty-free, without requiring separate client access licenses for each user.

All companies require is one license per developer who will be using the toolkit to create virtualized applications. Virtualization also includes PackageAware, a wizard that converts any application to a virtualized application based on a working setup file for the application. The original sources of the application are not required, and the application virtualization project created by PackageAware may be further modified in the main InstallAware Virtualization IDE, using common GUI development metaphors.

"In the good InstallAware tradition, InstallAware Virtualization brings to market several innovations--both in terms of cost and technical merit," says Sinan Karaca, founder of InstallAware. "Unlike VMware ThinApp and Microsoft App-V, InstallAware Virtualization packages do not pre-extract anything on the computer they are running on. They run immediately from a single, truly portable executable file instead, which could reside on a network location, a USB drive or a physical hard disk."

The solution is available for $999, and a time-limited fully functional trial download is available via the company's Website. Like other InstallAware products, virtualization purchases are backed by the company's 30-day money back guarantee, which also includes a go-live license that enables developers to put their virtualized applications into real-world use.

"We are excited to be working with InstallAware in growing the adoption of our BoxedApp application virtualization technology," adds Artem Razin, CEO of Softanics. Razin explained application virtualization technology enables users without administrator rights to run software on their systems that would ordinarily require those rights. Even if an application requires access to protected system locations, once virtualized, those requests are seamlessly redirected to the secure sandbox. This fulfills application requirements and maintains security on the target computer at the same time, he said.