Intel Classmate PC Convertible Tablet Doubles as E-Reader

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Intel Classmate PC Convertible Tablet Doubles as E-Reader

Intel Classmate PC Convertible Tablet Doubles as E-Readerby Scott Ferguson

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The Intel Classmate Convertible Tablet

Intel first introduced the Classmate tablet PC in 2009. This is the latest version of the Classmate, which includes the newer Intel Atom N450 chip that runs at 1.66GHz.

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Rugged Features

The Classmate offers a number of rugged features designed to help it survive the school day. The new version of the Classmate offers water-resistant display, keyboard and trackpad.

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Making the Classmate

The Classmate is more of reference design than an actual physical laptop. Intel and various ODMs and OEMS manufacture the PCs to meet the needs of local students.

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The Handle

Here is a close-up view of the handle, which is built into the laptop itself. Intel and its partners have tried to make the Classmate convenient for students to use.

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Operating Systems

The Classmate is built to support a number of operating from Microsoft, including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It also supports different flavors of Linux depending on the needs of government agencies, school systems and students.

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Classmate as E-Reader

With this version of the Classmate, Intel built in new technologies, such as Page Up and Page Down features, that help the tablet double as an e-reader.

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Apps for the Classmate

Although Intel has built a large application ecosystem for the Classmate, the chip maker is now working with textbook publishers, such as McGraw-Hill, to create electronic educational material for the Classmate.

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Classmate Price

When this version of the Classmate is released in the second quarter of 2010, it's expected to cost between $350 and $400, depending on the specific features that schools order.

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Using the Tablet

Here's an example of how a writing application works with the tablet design to allow students to take notes with the Classmate.

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