InterModal Data Launches Disaggregated Storage Solution

The software allocates resources on a per-workload basis in order to meet specific performance requirements, while using the lowest cost resource.

intermodal and storage

Storage specialist InterModal Data announced the availability of a disaggregated storage solution, designed to help enterprises scale out their storage using commodity hardware.

The software allocates resources on a per-workload basis in order to meet specific performance requirements, while using the lowest cost resource.

The disaggregated architecture physically separates the storage controllers from the shelf, creating data nodes and storage nodes that are logically connected over Ethernet.

"We set out two years ago to address three core challenges we saw from existing storage solutions – scalability, flexibility and efficiency. In today’s data center, scalability has taken on a new definition," InterModal Data CEO Dave Kresse told eWEEK. "A combination of exponential data growth and a shift at the compute layer towards micro services drives the need to design storage solutions that can support millions of connections, rather than thousands."

Flexibility has also become critical given how dynamic data center environments are today, Kresse noted. He said companies are constantly adding new workloads, changing their workload requirements, and infrastructure resources suffer failures.

"In the face of this chaos, companies still have to ensure that every workload has the resources needed to meet their service level objectives around IO, latency, and resiliency," he explained. "In order to achieve that, enterprises need storage infrastructure that can dynamically reallocate resources across a large logical system quickly and non-disruptively."

The software intelligently governs the use of RAM and flash caches on every node, optimizing the ability to service the active data set.

When conditions or requirements change, the software reallocates resources across the Ethernet fabric to dynamically meet workload requirements.

"Companies also want the best price for the hardware they are buying, which requires a solution that allows customers the ability to buy commodity hardware straight from the manufacturer," Kresse said. "While addressing these challenges, we also realized that we could not compromise on delivering enterprise grade reliability, availability, and serviceability."

InterModal Data qualifies all hardware to ensure quality and predictability, while offering a perpetual software license, which allows businesses to buy future generations of hardware directly from suppliers, without having to repurchase the software.

"We see an increasing number of large enterprises, enterprise SaaS, managed hosting, product development, and media and entertainment companies requiring scalability, flexibility, and efficiency from their data storage," Kresse said. "What we are delivering is tremendous scalability, unparalleled flexibility, and an ability to deliver the best price and performance and price and capacity in one solution without compromising on reliability, availability, and serviceability."