Intuit Launches QuickBooks Online Advanced to Take On NetSuite

Today’s topics include Inuit rolling out accounting offering QuickBooks Online Advanced, and the release of Docker Enterprise 2.1 with accelerated application migration.

At its annual QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose on Nov. 7, Inuit discussed a new accounting offering for midsize firms that is aggressively priced compared with NetSuite and other competitors. The cloud-based QuickBooks Online Advanced, released on Oct. 15, uses machine learning to analyze data from 3.4 million QuickBooks customers to offer insights and patterns companies can use to better grow their business.

QuickBooks Online Advanced costs only $1,500 to $2,500, compared to competitors’ prices of $20,000 to $25,000.

According to Alex Chriss, chief product officer for small business at Intuit, QuickBooks Online Advanced doesn’t include additional apps such as payroll, inventory management and bill pay that companies are likely to need, but even if a company were to buy dozens more apps, the Intuit price would still keep the product priced far below competitors.

Docker Inc. announced the release of Docker Enterprise 2.1 on Nov. 8, providing new features and services for containers running on both Windows and Linux servers.

New capabilities include the ability to migrate legacy applications like Windows Server 2008 into containers to aid end-of-life support issues, and the new Docker Application Convertor, which identifies applications on Windows and Linux systems and then enables organizations to easily convert them into containerized applications.

In addition, Docker is boosting security in the new release, with support for Federal Information Processing Standards and Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 authentication.