iPhone Apps Help Make Thanksgiving Even Tastier

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iPhone Apps Help Make Thanksgiving Even Tastier

by Nathan Eddy

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Thanksgiving Jokes (Free)

Get the family laughing (or groaning) with this selection of Thanksgiving-themed joked. What DID the mama corn say to the baby corn?

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History of Thanksgiving ($0.99)

Do you even know why you're sitting around the table, stuffing yourself with all sorts of delicious foods? This app gives you the history of the holiday, from 1619 on.

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Thanksgiving Turkynizer ($0.99)

Send a funny Thanksgiving card with this app, which lets you take photos of yourself, friends and family and turn them into a turkey (if they don't look like that already).

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Turkey Calls (Free)

Don't want to go the store-bought route this year? Then use this app to go out hunting for a fresh turkey—or to drive your relatives insane during dinner.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Maker (Free)

Design your own perfect (virtual) Thanksgiving feast, right down to the flatware, china and centerpiece—with none of the mess of actually cooking or setting up!

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iHost: Thanksgiving ($0.99)

If you are planning a real-life Thanksgiving event this year, this app can help you organize everything from the menu and guest list to your budget.

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Word Spree: Thanksgiving (Free)

Make up your own Thanksgiving-themed adventure with this app, a Mad Libs-like game where you get to fill in the blanks.

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Cookie Doodle ($0.99)

This app offers all the fun of creative cookie making, without any of the mess. Choose from Thanksgiving-themed templates to concoct the perfect holiday sugary snack.

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