Ipswitch Analytics Offers Auditable File Transfers

Authorized users are able to monitor MOVEit activity in popular Web browsers from any device, plus the platform simplifies the audit process.

ipswitch and file management

Ipswitch announced Ipswitch Analytics, a reporting and monitoring solution for MOVEit Secure Managed File Transfer.

With Ipswitch Analytics, IT teams can gain insight into business critical file transfers through an analytics engine that includes an interactive activity monitor, automated report creation and distribution, and fine-grained access control.

Any organization that has a business critical need for secure transfer and management of files would find this technology useful, Aaron Kelly, vice president of product management at Ipswitch, told eWEEK.

"Examples include finance, health care, retail, manufacturing, technology, media, and government. Lendingtools.com is a good example of a technology company in the finance industry that uses MOVEit Managed File Transfer today and will soon be employing Ipswitch Analytics to help improve management of transfers by automating distribution of critical status reports to staff working directly with customers," he said. "In addition, they are expecting improvement in overall reliability and performance through enhanced end-to-end file transfer analytics."

Analytics accesses and consolidates data from all MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) and MOVEit Central servers.

Authorized users are able to monitor MOVEit activity in popular Web browsers from any device, and the platform also simplifies the audit process by managing workflow, transfer, security and audit activity in one centralized location.

This allows users to manage key parameters for all file transfer processes such as transfer status, user access, encryption, and file formatting to make data-driven decisions.

Businesses can customize reports, establish distribution lists with access control and schedule auto-generated reports for delivery. Email alerts are sent to authorized users as reports are generated.

To simplify the audit process, businesses can deploy out-of-the-box report templates or easily create custom reports. Also included are drag-and-drop elements to organize presentation of key metrics to validate compliance with service level agreements (SLAs), regulatory and corporate policies.

Kelly said the company has observed significant year-over-year growth in the volume and size of customers’ files and the number of end-points.

"At the same time, the risk of data becoming compromised and the demands of meeting regulatory compliance standards only increase," he said. "Therefore, organizations have recognized the strategic value of secure file transfer technology and the importance of reducing risk when integrating business processes between trading partners."

Kelly also noted that end-users need timely and flexible access to information that will enable data-driven decisions.

"As expectations for reliability and compliance increase, so too does the need for reporting and monitoring tools that are comprehensive and easy to use," he said. "Overall, the current demand for ease-of-use in the enterprise is influenced by trends in consumer applications."