Ipswitch Offers WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor

IT departments can manage and resolve application performance and availability issues from a customizable dashboard.

IT management software specialist Ipswitch unveiled WhatsUp Gold Version 16.1, featuring WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor, which is designed to help IT departments oversee the performance of applications on their network from a unified, customizable dashboard.

The monitor offers customizable, automated actions IT can use to assess the impact, isolate the root cause and restore performance levels to meet business-user expectations. IT can also identify root causes of application performance problems across network, server or multi-tier application or component dependencies, and gain insight to improve IT service performance with real-time and historical reporting and analysis.

"WhatsUp Gold and WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor helps IT organizations deliver the reliable service that users demand," Ennio Carboni, Ipswitch network management division president and general manager, said in a statement. "With Application Performance Monitor, IT can improve visibility and control ever-increasing complexity by consolidating network, systems and application monitoring to drive rapid problem identification and resolution."

The Application Performance Monitor also provides proactive alerts and can execute custom actions to automatically repair potential problems before applications fail to ensure continuous service using limited IT resources. In addition to the unified dashboard for end-to-end monitoring, Application Performance Monitor also has the ability to capture and track application relationships.

"All applications are dependent on other applications, such as Web servers and databases. With Application Performance Monitor, IT can monitor an application along with the health of the entire IT service that supports that application, providing a more global view in a real-world deployment," Carboni stated. "Not everything you report on is critical to application performance. If one component has issues, IT typically need not be alerted, but if a combination of components develops problems, IT will get an alert. This assessment of issue importance helps prioritize what matters to the business and minimizes 'false positive' readings."

WhatsUp Gold v16.1, including WhatsUp Application Performance Manager, is available for $1,475, and a free 30-day trial of WhatsUp Gold v16.1, including Application Performance Monitor, is available for download from the WhatsUp Gold Website.

"The Application Performance Monitor unified dashboard is the best interface I have used and is the de facto future of service, server and application monitoring," Matt Cline, Optim Healthcare senior systems network administrator, said in a statement. "I get a single view at a highly granular level and am getting the data I need to proactively fix problems and eliminate downtime."

Ipswitch also offers the AlertFox End-User Monitor (EUM), a service that tracks Website availability and performance by synthetically monitoring multi-step Web transactions from an end-user perspective. AlertFox is designed to provide better performance of a company's Web applications and Websites from inside or outside the firewall.