JMR Releases BlueStor Networked Storage System

The BlueStor Networked Storage Server has a modular design using no cables in the data path to minimize airflow restrictions and points of failure.

Storage solutions specialist JMR Electronics introduced its BlueStor Networked Storage System powered by euroNAS and aimed at small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with a need for ethernet or fibre-based, high-load applications (shared storage) requiring high sustained throughput.

The BlueStor Networked Storage Server is SES 2.0-compliant and provides real-time disk activity/failure status for every drive bay as well as physical user interface controls and indicators for power and cooling status with visible and audible alarms, plus front panel "on-off" and "reset" switches.

Available in 16, 32, 48 and 64TB data capacities, the platform features dual 8-core Xeon central processing units (CPUs), 32GB of DDR3/1333 MHz memory, expandable to 1000GB, dual 24-port 6GB SAS expanders, dual PCle3.0/6Gb SAS hardware RAID controllers, usually configured for RAID 50 or RAID 60 and 16 SAS/SATA RAID disk drives with up to 64TB of native capacity.

"This newest update to our flagship BlueStor product line provides a clear choice for the SMB IT manager or A/V professional to upgrade the performance and reliability of their storage environment while lowering their overall total cost of ownership," Josef Rabinovitz, president and CEO of JMR, said in a statement. "Larger competitors are far more expensive and do not match our breadth of file system support or ease of setup and operation. Smaller competitors struggle to match our price and cannot match the robustness of our system's construction, reliability and performance."

The solution also features 4 (N+1 configured) redundant thermostatically controlled, high-velocity cooling fans and dual 620W (N+1) hot-swappable power supplies, and six 1Gb/s NIC ports or optional Dual/Quad 10GbE network interface. A basic 16TB system starts at around $17,000.

"Business owners can have their teams focus on building applications that generate ROI rather than implementing, maintaining and coaxing performance out of their storage networks." Rabinovitz continued. "Working closely with our technology partner euroNAS, we have been able to deliver simple, reliable, high performance storage for converged networks enabling our customers to be unlimited in their ability to expand applications to the cloud, virtualized and clustered environments."

Other features include built-in iSCSI and fibre channel target, asynchronous replication that replicates storage to another server, snapshot replication that replicates live data, and point-in-time snapshots that recover files to the earlier state.

In addition, the BlueStor Networked Storage Server has a modular design that uses no cables in the data path, which helps minimize airflow restrictions and points of failure. The 3U rack-mounted system uses vertically mounted disk drives in lightweight, vibration-dampening, disk-drive canisters for higher signal integrity and airflow.