Launches Recruitment Solution

As cost-conscious businesses grapple with the critical (and at times, costly) process of recruitment, launches a solution designed to streamline the process.

Jobpartners, a European company specializing in people and talent management solutions, today announced the launch of ActiveRecruiter Business Edition aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) streamline their recruiting process. ActiveRecruiter Business Edition will be delivered to customers as an on-demand solution using the platform, which currently serves 1.5 millions subscriptions for 55,000 customers worldwide. As a software as a service (SaaS) offering, ActiveRecruiter Business Edition has a flat set-up cost and is charged on demand on a -price per user, per month' basis

Eric Genet, group vice president of SMBs at Jobpartners said social networks are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to reaching out to prospective candidates and companies have started to tap into the informal HR data held in social networks, but it is important that a company's use of social media does link back to its overall candidate engagement process. "If a company's attraction strategy is strong, but its processes aren't well managed, it severely risks damaging its employment brand," he said. "ActiveRecruiter Business Edition aims to provide SMBs with the tools to centralize and streamline their recruitment processes in order to deliver better candidate relationship management and reduce recruitment costs."

The company said ActiveRecruiter Business Edition is currently being trialed by a number of organizations including 3E, an SME headquartered in Belgium who has selected the platform to manage its national and international external recruitment. The solution is also tailored to be flexible on communications, allowing companies to configure and brand their own emails to candidates and tailor messages to specific candidate groups. As an open platform, ActiveRecruiter Business Edition is integrated with job aggregation services like eQuest and social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Using Google Maps functionality, candidates and jobs can also be geo-coded to provide SMBs with increased visibility of which channels and geographies are most effective and deliver the best return.

"With many companies looking to reduce their recruitment costs, ActiveRecruiter Business Edition is a true on-demand service that puts SMBs back in control of their recruitment process," Genet said. "By delivering the service using the platform we are able to deliver SMBs with a secure and reliable 24/7 service with no additional burden to internal IT. This will help them to become more efficient, maximize their recruitment investments and improve the overall quality of their hires and candidate experience,"

A recent survey from online payment company SurePayroll revealed that three out of four surveyed business owners admitted to hiring at least one employee they later wished they never had, and many indicated that the mistake resulted in a significant financial loss - more than $10,000 a head, according to 12 percent of respondents. According to the survey results, many small business owners are overlooking steps to reduce the likelihood of a hiring mistake. Most who admitted to bad hiring decisions said they resulted from a failure to accurately assess an employee's personality, character or skill set.