Kaseya Launches BYOD Security, Management Platform

The suite provides installable apps that create a corporate container on an employee’s personal device, creating a secure environment controlled by IT.

IT systems management software specialist Kaseya announced the launch of its BYOD Suite, a security and management platform aimed at businesses looking to adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.

The technology for the solution was purchased by Kaseya earlier in the year in its acquisition of Rover Apps, and extends multiple corporate data sources to mobile users’ smartphone and tablet devices, while ensuring personal data privacy and keeping employee data free from corporate control.

The suite provides installable apps that create a corporate container on an employee’s personal device, creating a secure environment that is controllable by the IT team. Within these secure apps, users have the ability to access email, data and files from the company network.

"Managing and securing corporate data when it is accessed from employees' personal mobile devices is a real concern for our customers," Randall Spangler, president of Merit Solutions, a managed service provider, said in a statement. "If an employee leaves the company or a device is compromised, we can quickly wipe the enterprise data on that device without impacting the employee’s personal information."

The solution does not rely only on device-level encryption, but provides its own encryption. Security protocols are military-grade with AES 256 encryption on top of single socket layer (SSL) encryption.

In addition, the platform is compliant with industry privacy standards including the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and others.

"More and more organizations are looking to implement BYOD policies to drive cost savings and employee satisfaction," Yogesh Gupta, president and CEO of Kaseya, said in a statement. "This raises major new challenges for both corporate security and the balance between employee data privacy and corporate data control. The Kaseya BYOD Suite elegantly solves both of these challenges, offering IT organizations an easy-to-administer solution that provides IT peace of mind that critical corporate data is secure, while keeping employees happy."

Kaseya joins a crowded field of BYOD security and management offerings, which also include mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

Marble Security, for example, recently launched a platform that lets users set up and manage an app store or catalog for employees and contractors, push apps to mobile devices, check that versions are up-to-date and pull the apps from the device if required.

Huawei also recently debuted a mobile office solution for enterprise network, security, devices as well as management platforms, which is aimed at BYOD businesses.

The Huawei solution is designed to provide for zero data leakage and adopts sand-box technology to separate private data from corporate information. An end-to-end encryption covering the whole process from user applications to network equipment has been incorporated in the solution to effectively secure against information espionage.