Kaseya Offers Automated IT Systems Management Solution

Cost-conscious businesses in need of an IT systems management solution might turn to Kaseya's Small/Medium Enterprise Edition (SMEE), which offers a host of IT automation features.

IT systems management software specialist Kaseya announced the release of its Small/Medium Enterprise Edition (SMEE), developed with the needs of small and medium-sized IT departments in mind. SMEE is designed for cost conscious IT departments that need to deploy a systems management solution rapidly by automating ongoing routine IT tasks.

Features include a rules based software installation engine, which helps ensure potential application conflicts and pre-requisites are met prior to the setup process, an audit and inventory feature deployable over the LAN, WAN, and Internet, system monitoring with instant notification of problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spikes and memory issues, the ability to securely access computers from anywhere at anytime and ticketing tools IT departments can use to track, respond and resolve issues while providing end user self-service options.

To accelerate implementation and help ensure proper installation, SMEE also includes attendance for staff members to instructor lead interactive workshop sessions that augment the online training videos and testing accessible through the product. SMEE is also equipped with Kaseya's IT Systems Management Kit. The kit includes hundreds of predefined network views, report templates, third party device monitoring, patch approval policies and a comprehensive set of IT automation scripts for routine maintenance, third party software deployment and proactive alerts.

"Small and medium-sized IT departments juggle many routine tasks while responding to increasing employee and organization needs and requests," said Jim Alves, executive vice president of strategy and product marketing at Kaseya. "With Kaseya SMEE, IT managers can automate many of the day-to-day IT tasks they may not normally have time to do. In turn, the systems will run more efficiently, resulting in overall improvements in end-user and organizational satisfaction levels and productivity."

The software is designed to deploy software and patches, submit tickets, inventory assets and facilitate remote computer access for the Windows and Mac OS X platform. SMEE is available in seven languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French and Chinese, the company noted in a release.

In June, the company announced the release of its Managed Service Edition - G1 (MSE - G1), which offers integrated IT automation solution capabilities from a single unified browser interface. MSE - G1 also includes the IT Service Delivery Kit. Included within that kit are predefined views, reports and a set of scripts and monitor sets for the most common IT scenarios and repetitive tasks. The product also includes support for systems running the Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems and Mac OS X systems.