Kaspersky Small Office Security Aims at Very Small Businesses

Aimed at SMBs with 25 employees or less, the platform offers mobile security and management features, secure data storage and password management.

Security specialist Kaspersky Lab announced the latest version of Kaspersky Small Office Security, the company’s security solution built specifically for businesses with less than 25 employees.

The platform includes Kaspersky Lab’s latest anti-malware technologies, and a host of technology upgrades and improvements, as well as brand new features such as online backup, which allows small businesses to automatically save critical data securely in the cloud or to a local hard drive or server.

From any PC on the network, owners can remotely manage the security settings described above on every employee computer, along with additional management capabilities such as license renewal, monitoring of security settings and more.

Not only can business owners enable automatic file backups on each PC at scheduled intervals, but the files on both the PC and the backup storage can also be protected with encryption settings, while Web policy management features allow IT admins to customize each employee’s ability to access websites, social networks and applications.

Small Office Security now includes support for Google Android tablets and smartphones, equipping these devices with an array of anti-malware, Web browsing protection and privacy controls. In addition, those mobile devices will now have access to Kaspersky Lab’s latest anti-theft technologies, which will allow employees to find missing mobile devices, or remotely wipe the data from stolen mobile devices.

"Small Office Security is one of our company’s best examples of combining the IT security industry’s best protection technologies into a form that anyone with even modest computer knowledge can easily understand," Nikolay Grebennikov, chief technology officer at Kaspersky Lab, said in a statement. "Shortening the learning curve has always been a priority for our small business products, and the latest version of Small Office Security ensures business owners can purchase the product on their lunch break, and have it fully installed across their business by end of day."

The company’s Password Manager stores passwords in an encrypted vault, and automatically fill in the correct password when needed. It can also create customized secure passwords for new accounts so employees won’t be tempted to re-use existing passwords and enables employees to create a secure portable version of their password vault on a USB drive.

The platform supports up to 25 user licenses per business, which includes PCs (Windows XP through Windows 8), file servers and Android smartphones and tablets. Each user license includes protection of one PC and one mobile device, so businesses that purchase protection for 10 employees can protect 10 PCs and 10 mobile devices.

"Small and mid-sized businesses are primary drivers of the North American economy, and unfortunately, cyber-criminals have 'followed the money' by targeting even the smallest businesses which often lack the necessary protection to secure their finances and business data," Chris Doggett, senior vice president of corporate sales for Kaspersky Lab North America, said in a statement. "With Small Office Security, we’re eliminating any barriers that could make a very small business owner think our premium protection is too advanced or too costly for them to use."