Key Pair Announces Line of Cloud Security, Virtualization Products

Cost-conscious businesses looking to enhance the security around their cloud computing assets have a new option in Key Pair technologies.

Virtualization and cloud security specialist Key Pair Technologies announced a family of products designed to address the need for increasingly tighter and more integrated security solutions to support building and operating public and private clouds. The solutions come in midmarket, enterprise and data center packages.

Key Pair Cloud Security SME Edition addresses the small to midsize business (SMB) and enterprise (SME) market segment. As a drop-ship box/soft appliance with high availability (HA), the product offers features such as Web and host single sign-on (Web SSO and Host SSO); SAML 2.0-based federated authentication; preintegrated adapters for credential store/authentication, including AD/LDAP, RADIUS, Kerberos-KDC and ODBC; and agentless application integration. The product also optionally supports firewalls for infrastructure security, access policy enforcement and multifactor authentication with built-in mobile OTP server and smartphone client.

The company's Cloud Manager Enterprise Edition is designed to enable, secure and manage enterprise private clouds on virtual platforms. As a soft appliance with multiple fast path processing engines, the product provides a virtualized, hypervisor-agnostic firewall with inter-VM and intra-VM authentication and authorization to enable multitenancy, in-line policy enforcement and application SSO. Also included are interfaces to external policy management servers, resource management, monitoring, and full auditing and compliance capability.

Lastly, the Cloud Manager Data Center Edition solution, which the company said is coming later this year, extends the Enterprise Edition to address the specific needs of commercial data centers, including on-demand access to computing resources, dynamic provisioning, allocation and pooling of resources, remote monitoring, and application metering with the level of access control security needed for deployments in the cloud. The company said with these features the product is tailored for "pay as you go" deployment models.

"The Key Pair appliance product for the SMB marketplace offers SAML assertion with agentless application integration in a drop-ship, zero-day deployment mode at speeds approaching 10 times that of other competing products," said the company's founder and CTO Shivaram Mysore. "The Key Pair Enterprise solution has solved a problem challenging many of today's leading IT organizations of seamlessly enforcing centralized security polices in virtual environments. And with an eye to the evolution of infrastructure as a service, the Key Pair Data Center solution enables data centers to host secure private clouds on a pay-as-you-go basis."