KoolSpan Announces Release of TrustCall 4.0

Customers will receive a 10 percent discount on orders before December 21, and the platform will be available for the latest iPhone smartphones.

koolspan and security

KoolSpan, a provider of interoperable secure voice and messaging solutions for mobile devices, announced that the latest version of TrustCall, an encryption service for calling and text messaging on mobile devices, will be available for download starting on December 21.

Customers can begin preordering this week and will receive a 10 percent discount until December 21.Theplatform will be available for the latest iPhone and Android devices.

"Any organization that deals with private information or intellectual property that needs to be secured from outside sources could benefit from using KoolSpan’s TrustCall technology," Nigel Jones, CEO, KoolSpan, told eWEEK. "Today, cell phone interception is performed easily all over the world, and businesses and individuals alike are targeted. This includes people and companies of all sizes and across all industries, like international business people, high net worth families, government employees, business executives, lawyers and others."

Jones explained that for many enterprises, encryption platforms requiring closed or outsourced and proprietary phones are a non-starter.

TrustCall Global Service is a hosted, subscription-based encryption service for mobile calls and text messaging, and as such, it eliminates capital and infrastructure costs.

Global Service is a low-cost, scalable solution that can be deployed and supported without meaningful IT resources--users simply download and activate the TrustCall mobile app on their devices.

"KoolSpan provides an annual low-cost subscription service enabling secure and private communications without any associated overhead, as well as the ability for government organizations and large enterprises to host, manage and maintain their own infrastructure," he said.

In addition, KoolSpan is supported across Android, iPhone and BlackBerry, allowing users to install it on their preferred phone without purchasing additional devices or hardware.

KoolSpan also offers TrustCall DIRECT for government organizations and large enterprises looking to secure their mobile communications while maintaining control over their mobile communications infrastructures.

DIRECT can be deployed on-premises or in a private cloud and is compatible with mobile device management (MDM) software, and includes the TrustCenter administration console and TrustRelay servers for routing secure calls and messages.

"We think secure communications will become the standard. Why would anyone choose to make an insecure call? Similar to WiFi networks several years ago, which were commonly unsecured, fast forward to today and it’s difficult to find a personal or business WiFi that is not protected," Jones said. "The same will happen in mobile communications, where we will all be communicating securely, and unencrypted communications will be the rare exception."