Lamantine Software Releases Sticky Password 5.0

Sticky Password recognizes password-protected sites and offers high-level encryption standards.

Lamantine Software has released a new version of its Sticky Password password manager and form filler-5.0-which addresses personal privacy and identity theft attacks. Features include the ability to recognize password-protected sites with automatic log-in, one-click form filling, and password imports from browsers and other password manager programs on a user's computer.
"We've got the right product at the right time. Most people really don't want to be bothered by passwords," said Lamantine Software Managing Director Petr B??ílek. "With Sticky Password 5.0, we've brought together the most convenient solution that keeps customer passwords and data secure and organized. Customers who have previewed Sticky Password 5.0 are letting us know just how much they appreciate the new time-saving functionality. Sticky Password doesn't use a toolbar, so it's inconspicuous and surprisingly convenient. Customers really appreciate that it's always ready without taking up space in the browser."
Alex Tischenko, founder and CTO of Lamantine Software, said with all the time-saving features they've added, they haven't neglected the security aspect. "Our researchers and developers understand where the new threats are coming from, and we've designed the product to address these trends," he said. "Our users are protected on social networks, Web-based e-mail accounts and even in online banking applications."
Sticky Password 5.0's Secure Memos feature provides secure storage for even more personal data. And now, small companies (SMB and SOHO users) as well as group users will find a solution for their collaborative password requirements. Support has been added for more sites and applications including for the Google Chrome browser. The company noted that all of the functionality and data are available in the portable version, which is included with every license.
In addition, the trial version of Sticky Password is free and includes all of the features and functionality for a full 30 days. Also, Version 5.0 is available in English, German, French, Russian and Czech. The company's password database is encrypted with the military-grade AES algorithm and supports secure export and other collaboration options.
For small businesses that feel the need for additional security, e-mail messaging security specialist Vircom recently announced the release of Email Security Grader, a free online tool designed to help IT and mail administrators evaluate the security of their mail infrastructure. The Website re-groups several tests, educates users and makes recommendations for each aspect of e-mail security. Once the test is complete, ESG presents the user with an e-mail security report, including a score and a rating.
The Website allows IT and mail administrators to run a full e-mail security test suite on their domain. After analysis of a domain name's mail infrastructure, Email Security Grader performs diagnostics on MX records, reverse DNS, SPF, DNSBL, Open Relay and SMTP/POP3/IMAP authentication. The user is then presented with a report of the analysis and given recommendations for improving system security and why.