Lexmark Launches Printers With Tablet-Like Interface

The models featured in the new line include the Lexmark CS700 Series Printers, CX700 Series MFPs, CS800 Series Printers and CX800 Series MFPs.

lexmark and printers

Lexmark announced the launch of next generation A4 color lasers and smart multifunction printers (MFPs) featuring seven models.

The models featured in the new line include the Lexmark CS700 Series Printers, CX700 Series MFPs, CS800 Series Printers and CX800 Series MFPs.

"Organizations are continuing to find ways to print fewer documents and print for less, when the need arises. Our new products help our customers achieve these goals in several ways," Tim Speller, director of product marketing for Lexmark, told eWEEK.

Speller explained the color quality and speed of Lexmark’s new devices enable organizations to print materials in the office that have traditionally been sent out to third-party print shops. He said controlling the process in-house helps businesses decrease costs, control the quality of the output and manage the schedule of printing in a more efficient way.

Secondly, the number of interventions with the device will drastically decrease compared to prior generations, with longer life components and higher toner capacity.

"This new technology generates significant savings driven by fewer visits to the device to replace toner and imagining components," Speller noted.

Third, Speller said the ability to leverage the device as a point of multi-channel capture continues to improve, pointing to the tablet-like interface, which enables users to interact with the device in a way that is familiar to them and very intuitive.

There are also integration points into Kofax Total Agility (KTA) to allow ease of integrating the device into existing KTA workflow applications.

"These features, in conjunction with higher scan capacity and speeds allow workflow to happen at the point that content enters an organization, saving them time and money," Speller said.

Kofax Onboarding Agility is a smart process application solution framework that reduces process complexity and shortens processing time to improve the onboarding experience for new customers.

"Today, remote monitoring and maintenance are easy examples of how we leverage connected technology," Speller said. "We are also applying analytics to the increasing amount of data available and stepping further into predictive and preventative maintenance and of course that data will influence future product design."

The printers also feature a few optional extras, including hole punch finishing and staple finishing.

"As a leader in the SmartMFP and process application space we understand that as devices become smarter and more connected that the need to efficiently facilitate the transaction of data from machine to machine and between people using them will increasingly become part of how business is done," Speller said. "Lexmark will continue to lead and evolve our technologies to support those needs."